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Good Morning
Hello, everyone. I registered, this morning. It took me a while trying to decide if the security question was a trick question or not. [Image: undecided.png] 

Since I'm able to post I'm guessing it was not and 2+2 does equal 4. 

Anyway, thank you and have a great day!


"There is a time for departure, even when there is no certain place to go.” 

 - Tennessee Williams
Welcome again! Very nice bunch here so feel free to post away.
Hi Liv!!!! You are finally with the YARC Crew. If you have read any of the past YARC thread at the other forum you should know most of us by now.

I didn’t know we had a security question....

How about letting the rest of the crew know a bit about yourself?

You’ll fit right in here and soon get to know us all.
Welcome! I see you made the trip to the "other" side.

You will fit in well here.

2000 Roadtrek 200 Versatile "The Beast" (it has been tamed hopefully)  I feed it and it doesn't bite me.   Angel
OK , so you already started it !
Make me look bad , it's alright , I can take it !

For the benefit of those that don't (or can't) go to CRVL.
Let the weirdo's here get ta know ya , insert a story of "Ain't Rightness" below......
Stay Tuned

Weirdo Overlord  YARC 
15 "Stinkin'Badges"  a "Full Monty Badge" 2 "Just Ignore Me" clusters  4 "Pine Cone" clusters  one "Stinkin' Badger" and 7 of the coveted "Flying Manure Spreader"awards
1 of which is a limited edition Turkey Poop Spreader (What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

welcome to the site,2+2 is to hard for the bots,they dont have eyes

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