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Too much weight for a 3.9 V6, not to mention too much money. If you weren't planning on pulling a trailer it would be marginal.  I used to work in a Dodge dealership that loved to sell conversion vans and they bought a bunch of them with V6's and lack of power was ALWAYS a complaint.
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  • rvpopeye (12-06-2018), Texjbird (12-06-2018)
So I decided in the wee hours of the night that this van is not for us.
Mainly because:

Engine size too small.    Van itself doesn't look much larger than my Safari. The heavy roof Ac/Heat doesn't do a thing for me

I'd still need to have that heavy bed/seat removed and a bed platform built with tote storage underneath

The hightop to me is it's only redeeming feature.  

I'd have to do work on the Dodge that I already need to do on the Safari. Including a solar set up.

The Safari is paid for, has 113k miles on it,  the engine is 4.3 Vortec that runs strong.  I've spent 2ys and maybe over $2,500 in cash and trade on new tires, new class III hitch, 4in lift helper springs, and other repairs and new parts.  Plus it is the last connection I have to my MOM.

Also the paint job on it is so crappy that whatever I do to it will make it look better.  I'm leaning toward a rattle can rat rod paint patch job on the boo boos here and there.  Queenie sez she's good with it Wink

Jewellann & Queenie
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Makes sense, the devil you know, and the mom connection is important too.
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  • Texjbird (12-07-2018)
I painted a van with house paint and a roller. Looked surprisingly good from 10 feet. My neighbor used house paint on an old camper and said it held up for years.
I see a lot of Florida mid and high tops for significantly less on CL.
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