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Propane System Design Advice
I'll say it , you could do worse than copying Curb's cool set-up.
Stay Tuned

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^^^+1 - It is simple and seems reliable. It would be easy to service.

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Lots to think about. I think I'll start with the warning alarms and let things evolve from there.
I've been spending an inordinate amount of time this morning trying to source the correct hoses and adapters to connect this, at least for initial tests. I've determined that the 1/4-BSPT to 8mm compression elbow that comes with the kit is pretty much useless in Canada. There's a chance 5/16" copper line might work, if it even exists, but I'm not about to chance it given the slightly smaller diameter.

So, I'm trying to size things so that future changes, replacement parts, etc. are easy to source in North America (as we share standards on most of this stuff, despite Canada trying to be metric). The Propex HS2000 has 1/4" BSPT female gas supply fitting. I need to go from a propane tank to this fitting, and I'm thinking at least for initial testing (maybe more) I'll go with a flexible line rather than copper.

I can source just about any combination of adapter from BSPT to NPT from McMaster-Carr, but I need to know what size NPT to go with to match readily available hoses. I haven't had much luck finding any direct adapters with a flare fitting. I'd consider a combination of two if that makes things easier, but haven't located (nor looked) for any flare fittings yet.

Can anyone help out with some details and/or Canadian links (TSC, Princess Auto, Home Depot Canada, Amazon Canada)? I'm caught in a decision loop trying to figure out the best plan.

I might go take a look at some of the stuff at Home Depot, as the information on the web site is lacking. I guess it doesn't matter to most people what the standard is for the fitting as long as it fits on their BBQ/Grill. This one in particular looks like it could have 1/4 or 3/8 NPT female, or a flare fitting of similar size:

I'll probably want something longer for permanent installation though. I'd be very grateful if someone could suggest a list of parts from 20lb tank to heater... Wink

[EDIT: My above rambling apparently helped with my own thought process, so I'll let it stand but add the following below]

The keyword I seemed to have been missing from my searching was "JIC" for the flare end, plus the idea of an adapter made from two different parts since I haven't found the exact combination I want in one piece.

I suspect that most commonly available propane supply hoses with built-in regulators have a 3/8" JIC (37° flare) fitting at the outlet. If this is true, a combination of the following two adapters will make it so I can connect to the heater with off-the-shelf components, and allow me to connect to copper later on if desired. Are the JIC/flare connectors the same as when you flare tubing yourself, or what is the difference? (Straight Adapter, 1/4 NPT Female x 1/4 BSPT Male) (Adapter for 3/8" Tube, 9/16"-18 UNF x 1/4 NPT Male)

Does this look right, or am I missing something obvious?
Go to Strickland Propane for propane and propane accessories.
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(12-08-2018, 11:10 AM)Trebor English Wrote: Go to Strickland Propane for propane and propane accessories.

Should I ask for Hank, or go directly to Buck?

I may have found the missing link.  This adapter looks like it may do the job in one piece:

[1/4" Male BSPT to #6 Male JIC 9/16-18 AN-06]

These things are hard to find because they go by multiple names!  Apparently an AN-06 (Army-Navy) is dimensionally equivalent to JIC 9/16-18, AKA "3/8 flare".  All of this is assuming I have my facts straight for what's "standard' for propane supply lines.  But at this point I'm convinced that there are multiple standards and you just need to pick what works.

Of course, I'll know for sure if I decide to buy it, and of course after leak testing...
...But then I start seeing some hoses that have 45° SAE flare fittings... and the 37° JIC/AN flare have the same threads but the seats wouldn't mate together properly.

No wonder people blow themselves up. We couldn't make it EASY, could we?
5/16" is 8mm.
5/32 is 4mm.
5/8 is 16mm.

Gosh numbers. Five divided by any multiple of eight has an equivalent metric size. -40F is -40C,

The caveat for the inch-metric equivalents is that it only works for wrenches, sockets, hex keys. The threads are different, so bolts and nuts are not equivalent.

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