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Need to be mobile!
(11-30-2018, 11:08 AM)rvpopeye Wrote: Don't BUY anything before you run it by the forum.....  Dodgy Dodgy Dodgy Dodgy
LoL... Ok. I def will run it by. I had an old Ford jamboree about a decade ago. It was rough, leaked oil terribly, I didn't have the money to fix it... Lots of fun, though. The whole thing was in rough shape. Kind of wish I had kept it and rebuild slowly... Ah well, forward I go.

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(11-30-2018, 11:15 AM)Motrukdriver Wrote: Should be a goldmine of suitable vehicles out that way.
I see motorhomes about a decade old, like a Coachman Santara for around 10,000... Seems a little cheap, dunno. Lots are for sale but due to circumstance, I am cash poor and loans.. not sure if I can get a loan. Determined to work it out... There used to be a place in Texas, dealer financed, even to people with bad credit. I can't find them.

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