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Suaoki power pack problem recharging from van
Seem the same spec wise. If your laptop is listed as one of the supported models, it should work. The first linked one has a higher rating but I did not read them. You could also put your laptop model in the question area if not listed. You should get a response. Amazon has a good return policy if not satisfied.

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  • Kaylee (01-04-2019)
I have a 19.5VDC output ciggy adapter.
Better than an inverter that uses 12VDC to make 120AC then convert that to 19.5VDC.
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  • Kaylee (01-04-2019)
Thanks guys!

Yeah, not only more efficient and simpler, but also no inverter fan. Smile
I'll email their tech support, then order it this weekend (will be leaving the motel and not sure where I'll be going next).
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I had a Wagan Elite 400 watt PSW inverter, whose fan did not spin up audibly outside the cabinet until there was ~150 watts worth of load.

I have a 15 year old coleman 800 watt MSW inverter whose fan is always on regardless of load, and it is lid enough to be annoying.

IF the laptops connector from power supply does not have 3 wires/ conductors, then one could get a DC to DC voltage booster of adequate wattage, set it to 19.5v unloaded, or whatever the original voltage output of the power brick states, and hook up the power cord, assuming they have the proper power cord with mating connector and the ability to determine polarity.

I have a 150 watt voltage booster that appears identical to the product inked below, although it had a different seller name when I bought it several years ago for under 5$. I have NOT used it to powermy Dell laptop as it has the third conductor.

I have only tested it with 12v fans and it is easy to dial in a voltage precisely with a jewelers screwdriver.

Since these, in most instances, would need some sort of enclosure, if going for the DC to DC route, I would get the car adapter instead for aa few bucks more as it will come with the right plug.

As far as hooking up the laptop directly to a 12v battery, well the battery on my laptop is only 11.1v nominal. BUT he original ACDC adapter input is 19.5v DC. If one were to try and hook the laptop to 12v dc directly, they would have to find the right pins on the battery which provide + and -, yet there is many more pins than just 2. So this approach likely has a whole bunch of Ifs and butts and magic Mojo to understand before trying any direct from a 12vdc battery, and if one were to simply cut the power cord and try and run the laptop off 12.0 to 12.8v, well it might say Fu nitwit plug in an approved power adapter.

Looking at the two linked universal DC chargers car adapters in post #30, I would choose the powseed version, as it apparently works from AC or DC, so in theory one would not have to carry both an AC/DC and a DC/DC.

If a universal version is used, the unversal portion on the plug end, I would wipethe exterior with rubbing alcohol and wrap the joint with electrical tape as any universal type of design I have used( for mp3 players long ago) always had this portion pull out, and reversing thepolarity was a possibility or a direct dhort was possible as well.

An invrter is a multi use device but powering a laptop, I much prefer the Dc to Dc car adapter with teh ciggy plug cut off .
Do note that if one hardwires the adapter to the battery/fuse block, if these are plugged in and not plugged into the laptop, they have a parasitic draw. Mine is about 0.095 amps. Not a huge amount, but I will unplug it.

These adapters, whether iuse the ACDC one on the grid, or my DC to DC one, they seriously mess with my OTA TV channel 8 and to a lesser extent channel 10. Actual VHF high channels of 8 and 10, not the digital equivalents and these two channels are the strongest i nmy area, 4 out of 4 bars, and the Dc adapter or ACDC adpater knocks them right out The inverter itself is also electrically noisy and will knock out these channels and some others too.

Those little barrell like things on teh power cords are ferrite cores which can suppress the switching noises. they should realy be on both the input and output wires. One can add more shielding to the body of the adapter itself too. I can sometimes use my reflectix window panels between the adapter and the TV and get back channel 8 or 10. A faraday cage around the body of the adapter is in the works, and more snap on ferrites and shielding on teh wire will further negate the interference when using the laptipo while watching TV channels 8 and 10.
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