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Yamaha Majesty 400cc Needs V Belt
Huh   I have no clue what that is.  Geico Tow is on the way.

Does anyone know a mechanic in or around Owensboro KY?  The shop my son called sez $65 per hour and they don't know how many hours it will take.  He's at a car dealership and has already pulled it down to where he can see what the problem is and was putting it back together about 20min ago.

The shop wouldn' t let him bring it there so it's being towed to the shelter where he is staying for now.

What a only kid broke and brokedown 100s of miles away.

Well I shouldn't complain, at least we're both still alive and kicking

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I don’t know any motorcycle mechanics at all Jewellen

John doesn’t have a clue about motorcycles either. Maybe he could look up the procedure on YouTube and fix it?
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  • Texjbird (11-06-2018)
had a quick look

the v belt is the drive belt from the engine to what could be a centrifugal clutch,depending on year/model saw them from $40 to over $100,a pro mechanic that knows how should be able to replace in less than an hour,external and pretty basic
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  • Texjbird (11-06-2018)
As above, Part of regular maintenance it should be changed every 20,000 kms or so, the books says 12000 but have known them to last 30,000 or more if your driving is not from traffic light to traffic light. those numbers are on a Vespa but imagine the Majesty is similar. An easy fix, the biggest issue is getting the part depending on where he is broke down, Yamaha Majesty are not very popular in America or at least that is how I see it, if you were in London or Rome you could push it a block and be ready to go in a few hours. They should order the rollers and change them at the same time also part of the regular maintenance while in there. Good luck.
Thanks Folks,

Robert is good at fixing things.  If he doesnt know how he watchs enough YT and asks questions untill he figures it out.
Did you know that you can take a old curved glass TV screen and position it just right and set wood on fire, quickly too?  Before our friend Bob got so sick they sent me a video of it.  Robert once replaced bearings in the elec. windows of Bobs Moms Crown Vic so they would work properly.  He used washing machine bearings.  Yup saw it on you tube.  Who'd a thunk it?

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                              I'M NOT HERE   Cool   YOU DIDN'T SEE ME
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There is actually a Majesty Forum....maybe your son or you can find some answers by just poking around:

Here is the technical section:

And here:
Wondering about Wandering.

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