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Where will the RTR be this year?
What I was saying is the numbers according to the ranger were for that area for the season not just the RTR. He wouldn't estimate what they are expecting this year but did say they expect it to double last years numbers.
Last year was 3500 to 4000.
Last year his YouTube subscribers were 100,000.

When he didn’t have a YouTube presence on his own, in 2017, I would guess there were 750 attending.

So do the math, and make an estimate.

Word of mouth is 750 people and YouTube added another 3000 people in 2018. His subscribers have more than doubled. It is easy to see an estimate of 7 to 9k attending.

That is a very large group of introverts.

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setting up and going to a gathering that big kinda excludes you from being an introvert

i see #vanlife fading away and the utube nomads dying out,the market has been saturated and will correct itself,the numbers will lower
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Way big crowd.
I wonder what the next big thing will be?  When the crowds get too large to handle someone will come up with something else.  I'm guessing the RTR will eventually go totally commercial and the celebs will be arriving in force to "be seen" by the news crews that will follow to see them.  Burning Man is a good example.  Or maybe it'll end up like a blend between the vast unwashed hoards of introverts and Wasteland Weekend...
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