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Root beer making fail
Well I thought I remembered how to make root beer in the bathtub so I didn’t look up the recipe:
I think I did everything wrong. I used 1/2 cup of sugar instead of one cup. Root beer needs that much sugar...  I left the bottles on the kitchen floor. Knocking them over?  I should have opened it in the bathtub so I could hose down the walls easier... It went kind of like this in my kitchen...
Back to bathing in root beer instead of just washing my face and hair.
The recipe does work if followed to the T but be cautious opening the bottle.
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Your experience sounds somewhat similar to my mother's story about her parents making beer in the basement during Prohibition.
A friend’s mom back in the 60’s made a batch in bottles and stashed them in the attic. In the middle of the night it rained rootbeer.
Just thinking about making some more root beer. I just don’t know it it is warm enough to brew right.
Planning on another bath ?
Stay Tuned

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         when the rootbeer bottles were opened  Huh

One store here in town carries McCormic rootbeer flavoring, it's in the spice aisle and has a recipe on the bottle.
  There are other recipes on the internet.

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The recipe ^^^ works but you have to follow it exactly. I must have goofed something. Yeast too old? Nah it wouldn’t have fizzed. Bottle set too long? Too much yeast? Too much sugar? Bottle too warm? Bottle too cold? But there is nothing store bought about it when it turns out.
I wouldn’t open anything carbonated inside a van. Next time rootbeer gets opened outside. Yes there are different brands of flavoring.

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