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Heat for small spaces
I guess I'll have to buy beer in the aluminum bottle. Damn

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  • Cammalu (12-31-2018)
(12-30-2018, 11:11 AM)Wabbit Wrote: I was going to return it and get the smaller model, but I wasn't sure if that would keep the van warm if I really needed it.

I have had bad luck with the Lil Buddy heaters. I've had 2, and they both died within months of getting them.
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  • Wabbit (12-31-2018)
The brick isn't for taking to bed .(although , an extra one on the burner sounds tempting)
It's to create some thermal mass ...I've also used my cast iron fry pan and dutch oven too.

I've had many propane heaters that failed me.
A Big Buddy is my preferred heating tool .
It's been in use for just over 4 years and no problems..
I really like the low oxygen shut off if I had to pick one feature that makes me relax most , the heat is #2..

I'm not even going to mention the many methods that didn't heat very would take too long...............
The BEST one is plugging into someone else's electricity ?:>)
Stay Tuned

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(10-26-2018, 07:04 AM)GypsyDogs Wrote: I carry one of these-
For when I have access to SPwr
or this one-

Usually, just using my butane stove to heat water for coffee takes the chill off well enough. (and blankies and the CarYotes- they snuggle..)

We use the tiny ones with fans or mini oil-filled radiators.. in our S&B to heat spaces, not the WholeDamnHouse.. costs less.
oooo -- really want one of these..

I had one os the Lasko's, the 250 watt version is much better. I also have the NewAir oil filled heater. It's wonderful.
A idea I have played with but will likely never happen is a pillow blanket. I have a few pillows that I keep at the foot of my bed and they keep my feet oh so toasty. The last time I was in Walmart I noticed that they had pillows for under $3 each. 8 of them sewed together would make a hell of a blanket.
I have my sewing machine with me Jim
one of the simplest things you would think but actually the darn hardest, heating and cooling a small space with SAFETY and not a ton of crazy involved doing just that. WE SHOULD all make something for ourselves and be gazillionaires when we sell it to everyone else Wink Smile
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  • Snikwahjm (01-01-2019), Roadtripp (01-14-2019)
Though I use solar primarily for electricity it wont power a space heater for longer than a few minutes. I’ve been considering a Honda 650 generator to run a space heater when it gets seriously cold. And just heat the area I’m using.
I knew a guy who made a rigid closed cell foam insulation box around his bed and didnt heat his house. If it was lined with reflectix it might be very warm? How much fresh air is needed?.
My lil Buddy heater is wonderful so far. But I need to run a fan with the door open during the day to vent out the moisture. And I only run the lil Buddy for a hour or two per day usually. The Big Buddy sounds really nice but it generally isn’t that cold here.
A caryote (dog) would be great. Maybe sooner than later I hope.
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  • Kaylee (01-14-2019)

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