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I need a laptop, need advise.
I just sold the IBM laptop (with the wicked cool butterfly keyboard) I bought in '94 to a man in UAE for $300. He gladly paid shipping.
It was still working just fine.

Since then I've had a few IBM/Lenovo lemons- The 770 burnt out a few processors, the T22s the board comes unsoldered, early T61s Nvidea card would fail, and the new T at work was terrible.

What impressed me was the warranty service on the 770. Each time it fried they shipped a box next day air, repaired the computer and got it back to FedEx  same day!

Everything can have a problem.
But how they took care of a problem really, really impressed me.
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You could get something like this.

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(09-25-2018, 08:51 PM)shadow Wrote: I do have my moms Dell laptop, its about eight years old, but I don`t know the password to get into it.
If I took it to a computer shop could they unlock it or reset it ?.

Yes, I'd absolutely do this first.   Machines are pretty easy to breach once you have physical control of them.   This is why some smartphones are defaulting to full encryption.

I'd ask around and see if there are any geeks that will reset the pass for you.  The going price is a sixpack of their favorite beer or a shared pizza.  

My main machine is a 7yo dell business class lappie that still rawks. Has similar stats to the <=$500 you'd find today.  Only drawback is power consumption-- the newer machines use less electricity for the same amount of CPU horsepower.
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One thing I've always wondered about: When you buy Microsoft Office, can the separate the parts of it that you don't want be deleted from the computer?
It used to be that you could just install the parts that you wanted. I don't know if that still applies. My current version is 2010.
There's too many free office suites, and they're too good to go spend $ on Microsoft stuff.

Do you need something advanced?
99% of people 99% of the time could still use Office 95 for what they do.

say LibreOffice-
Installer lets you choose what to install, just like MS Office.
Free to try- And they update to newer versions constantly.
Only diff is that new version is freeeeeeeee
Sometimes dweller in 237k miles '07 Grand C-van w/ a solar powered fridge and not much else
I don't need it yet -- for when I've sold out, hitting the road and getting a laptop.

MS Word is the only thing I use, the other stuff is wasted space.
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Blanche found a good Ebay deal but something didnt ring true there. 1 TB of storage for $330?
Dont think so... Probably a scam.

There are new cheapie laptops for under $300 though, most any electronics store, Dell website, that sort of place. Right now on “starting at $249.99 for a 15” laptop”

Inspiron 15 3000
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