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The Dead and The Quick.
I do have one the rest of us call “the evil one”
Gary "slightly dangerous" is a little more dangerous than standing in a porcelain tub after rubbing slippery lotion all over its skin and then hosing it down on to the standing surface. "It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose."

We saw all the snakes we went out to see, and all of them were round. I am once again happy to wear glasses as we also saw a spitting Cobra and I stepped in front of the little ones and it got me. Little drops of poison on my glasses and the little ones now understand why there are so many one-eyed cats. They learned a great deal about snakes and safety and appreciate these spectacular creatures for what they are and do. Not everything that is very deadly is by default bad.

Perhaps I should have said "Mostly Harmless" LOL! (RIP Douglas Adams)
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Gary, luckly, you didn’t have my brother....

Drop in from nowhere unannounced to tell me what to do, but never be there to help when Mom was on hospice and in her final weeks. (Called him helicopter brother). Then....

After Mom died, No condolence, no card, no flowers, nothing except a terse phone call....”how much do I get and how soon do I get it”?

For me that hurt the worst of all. Not one ounce of caring.

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On NCIS, the character Ducky talks to the dead on his exam table. When I watch the show I often wonder if he might be a bit of a clairaudient. My mother was a dreamer and received all types of messages from her deceased loved ones. My father was considered a medicine man healer and he communed with the departed to offer relief to folks. They taught that life is a cycle, you are born, live, your body dies, you are spirit and then reborn for the cycle to begin again. When I went to school I didn't understand why others were so sad about their Grandpa/someone passing, until I realized they did not know they could continue talking to Grandpa/whoever. That was a huge concept for me to learn.

My uncle talks to the snakes at his place in VA. The gives them boundaries and tells them if they cross the line, then they die. His wife is blind and does not always hear these critters. For everyone's safety, he has a fairly good relationship with the creepy crawlers.
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The toughest time in my life the family that raised me was absent. I really needed some help, a strong shoulder is what I really needed. Shit happens and you find out who your friends and family really are. The people I thought would be there for us were absent.

Life is for the living, but the dead haunt me in my quiet moments. We buried the ashes of my boys father in the Nelder Grove of Giant Sequoias. He died in 2010. We’ve been back a few times to visit him. That grove burned in the 2017 Railroad Fire. I went to see the damage. It was all dead and heartbreaking.

[Image: ed70e8b936011e49360f223ca7661cab.jpg]

But if you look you can see the forest is starting a new cycle. Water still flows, the ash is now fertilizer and wild flowers are blooming everywhere.

I cried at first. I thought I fucked up and picked a terrible spot to bury his ashes. He asked to be in the Sequoias, but I picked the spot. I was on the phone with our boys and asking what to do. I was completely broken and terribly depressed at that moment. My boys tell me to look around, this is just the next cycle in that forests life.

[Image: 8f0e66d97bd5315ceb84cb7d107a6a7e.jpg]
There was a beauty in the burnt forest. A restoration was taking place. A restoration is taking place with our boys and I as well. Slowly we heal, slowly we die, but in geological time it is all less than the wink of an eye.

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Deep thoughts today Blanch
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