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Someone called the cops again

That'll work.
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Wondering about Wandering.
Looks like they have a non adhesive static cling type of mirrored tint. which 'should' be easy to put in place and to perhaps, also peel off, if one does not remove the backing..

I've no idea how easily it wrinkles/krinkles, but this stuff could be quite useful.
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  • AbuelaLoca (08-15-2018)
If I had to leave my pets in the heat for any length of time, I was thinking of this cooler and a thermometer in plain sight. Probably cost a block of ice per day. It should work for the cops, but since idiots apparently can't read thermometers, there might still be a problem with the Walking Braindead.
Homemade Air Conditioner:
Maybe you need a sticker on the van that says animal rescue or something.
Snik, a sticker like that would probably be considered an invitation to certain idiot parties.

Not only can you not fix stupid, you can't always plan ahead for it, either.
Yeah I know - it’s all the same folks and you never win...

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