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Idea for pickup tow vehicle
You want to go the pickup/camper way of vehicle dwelling but don't want your generator walking off (ask Blanch about that).  I'm thinking maybe purchase an older 4 door full size pickup. Remove the back seat completely.  Build a flat platform and install two sets of heavy duty slides.  One set you use to mount your generator on so you can open the door, slide it out to refuel or do maintenance on.  The other set of slides at the other door you can used to pull out for storage.  When you need to run your generator just roll the back windows down a few inches and fire it up.  You get added security and noise reduction all in one package especially if you have an alarm system.  It would take a thief some doing to steal the generator.  Yes, No, Maybe???

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Smile Good idea

Just allow enough ventilation for exhaust and fresh air.
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  • Motrukdriver (08-06-2018)
That exhaust smell will get into the upholstery, and the smell of gas sloshing in your generator tank while driving will be obnoxious!

I carried a genset in a large rubbermaid tote in my van for a while and that tote has a fairly good seal....and I STILL smelled the fumes especially when it was hot, with the van parked for awhile with the windows up.

Now if you vented the exhaust and the gas tank, it might work ok.
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  • Wayne49 (08-06-2018)
We have a small generator and haven’t had smell issues with it.
Making something that would fit into the window to hold an exhaust pipe wouldn't be too hard. Something like those Breezeway screens we used in the big trucks but made from something other than plastic.

How about one of those in-the-bed Locking Tool Boxes that bolts to the truck bed? fairly water proof and Outside the cab.. and oosoom
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I have a hard tonneau cover on my pick up and I'm satisfied with the security it provides. Someone could def break in if they were determined but that's pretty much the case with anything. And it's a tri-fold so it can be folded up to leave the bed open if I need to carry a tall item like a fridge or couch.

Even on slides, with the door open, the vehicle would fill up with exhaust fumes pretty quick. But I suppose you could put an exhaust pipe on there someway to channel the exhaust down and away from the vehicle.

I'm pulling the rear seat out of my new truck pretty soon and going to build a raised platform for the dog with storage underneath for me. I never have passengers so the seat is just wasted space. Give the dog more room and myself more storage. I'll post pics of the build when I do.

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