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Waterproof Heat shrink and Solder connections in one
I saw this on social media. It had a video. Looks like a great deal for novices.  It heat shrinks and solders your wire connections at same time with just a torch. Thought it might be useful to others. 
Waterproof Solder Connections
Ive wondered about these. If he solder melts at such a low temperature that the heat shrink will not burn. Then it seems possible that current near wire limit might also come close to the this temperature.

No personal experience with product.
That could be an issue. Most of my electrical experience has been with house wiring, not 12v. They used solder connections in houses, on the old knob-and-tube wiring, in the early days. But solder has been outlawed for house wiring since the 1930s or so, and melting from heat generated by the current passing through the wires is part of the reason for that. In house wiring, it's all mechanical connections--screws, clamps, or wire nuts (and with those you have to twist them until the wires are tied together until they will stay if you take the nut off!).

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