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Quartzsite 2019
Oh.. and this is why I want to go to YARCamp again...
This sums it up y'all
My body is a temple- Ancient and crumbling,  
probably cursed 

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Hey there Abnorm Smile Was just thinking of you my friend Smile
When the time gets closer I will let you know exactly what the xmas celebration of nomads and weirdos will be. Toni loves the holiday season, I could honestly do without it and be fine Smile I imagine we will find a small fake tree and put some solar lights on it. By the time xmas rolls around we will have been working a few months as well, so our kitchen and tree will be well stocked. My way of giving back to a community that has given so much to us. If you are there we could even have an ice cream social! hahaha
We will be at La Posa North, closer to Q, as we will be working at least 40, if not 50 hour weeks.
We DO plan to have a few semi-permanent structures up and a full kitchen this year. We will be down there for the duration, so feel free. The more the merrier!!!
It has come to my attention that I should mention that we are going to have Bertha inspected this next spring and if she has another hundred K in her she will get a makeover. Floors, proper walls, stove with oven, freezer, new audio system... blah The wife is very excited Smile
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Happy Trails!
bLEEps Big Grin
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I am plotting. Sorry but that is as good as I can do right now! Some of you know me and if I say I will be there then nothing save the end of the world will stop me. Actually even the end of the world wouldn't stop me I'd just show up and wonder what the hell happened to everyone.
Peace love and groovy
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