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Upgrading vintage wiring
[Image: 1ivWdr0.jpg]

14.6 at the starter and 14.5 at the house,sense of security and gives me a busbar for any future add ons
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I've been away and didn't see this thread until today. But on your original stuff on your battery, one thing came to my mind and I looked through the whole thread and didn't see anything. So here it is.

I have driven Chevy vans for years (with a couple of GMCs thrown in ) for work. I found out a long time ago that some companies make dual-post batteries for GM vehicles--the side post that GM uses, with a set of posts on top. I use the side posts for the regular battery cables, and use the top posts to connect a trickle charger, jumper cables, etc.--it's a lot easier to use them on top posts than on the side post fittings. I used to get them at Wal-mart, but they changed suppliers or just quit stocking them. Found my last one at Auto Zone. Our current van doesn't have one, because the last owner, who only had it for about 6 months, had put in a new Sears Diehard side post battery. But when it goes bad, I will look for another dual-post.
I want to say thanks for this thread. It gave me incentive to start cleaning up the nest of cabling in my 1989 E350 Tioga's engine compartment.
I finally ordered the Sternwake recommended 5 ton crimper, that I had as "Save for Later" since 2015.


Nowadays, I don't recommend any specific product, unless i have actual experience with it, and the Hydraulic crimper I have, the harbor fright earliest version, well I would not recommend, unless it came with new Die sizes that could make crimps in lugs thicker than 4AWg without making 'ears' .

I would like to retroactively go back and change any product 'recommendation' to an 'example' of a product.

And even the products i Do own, and have recommended, well my Wagan Elite 400 watt pure sine wave inverter's magic smoke genie recently threw me the middle finger, and escaped through my ceiling vent.

Duly noted. An example.

It is a good tool. Except for the ears that you mentioned, and I had also noticed. Affordable, easy to use.

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