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Blanch Blanchard and her Travel CLog
(Yesterday, 08:29 PM)B and C Wrote: Sorry to hear that Blanch. You and I are in the same boat but mine is the wife.

Yeah, this stuff sucks, I want a different boat.
My thoughts are with you and everyone else going through this. Did it four years ago with dad. None of it is easy. But without people who love us this would suck a lot more.

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  • B and C (05-25-2019), rvpopeye (05-25-2019)
You are are good person and a good daughter.  I wish there were more people like you.

 Last Sunday evening my next door neighbor and friend needed to be taken to the hospital.  This call involved our friend Deb who was visiting and has been helping her out a lot for the past 2 months.  Also five of my neighbors family members, one who was arrested, and a call to hospice.  I missed it because I had taken myself to a Emergency care clinic earlier.

All this happened last Sunday.

  On Monday late in the afternoon I look out and there is my neighbor with two ambulance drivers and she's laying on a stretcher.  They are waiting for a family member to come and unlock the door so they can take Faye inside.  I pulled one of them aside and told them that Faye lives alone, cannot stand alone or walk with her walker.  She cannot dress herself, go to the bathroom alone, or cook and feed herself.  "Why is she here"  I asked them.  They didn't know anything except they had been called by a family member to bring her to her apt.  

 These guys were great with Faye.  One started making calls immediately while the other stayed right beside Faye.  She was fading in and out.  When I asked her why she came home she said " I need to fix things with my family".

  So her sister ordered the ambulance and the brother in law came to unlock the door which he did and opened it wide.  Then he held the screen door open for the guys to wheel Faye in.  They didn't even twitch.  I think they were too stunned in disbelief to move.  So I asked Numb Nutts  "Who are you"? He hadn't spoken one word to any of us, he just ignored us and didn't even speak to Faye.  He verified who he was, and that yes neither he or his wife would be staying because he is 79ys old and his wife is in a wheel chair.  All of this while holding open the door.  The guys said " we are putting this lady back in the ambulance".  

A Department of Human Services Investigator showed up later and I made a report about Fayes situation.  I later found out that Faye has a niece who is a MD and surgeon here in this town.  I left a message at her office about her Aunts condition with my name and Deb's and our phone numbers.  She hasn't returned my call.  The DHS case manager who spoke with Deb and assured her that Faye will not be discharged to come back to her apt. is no longer returning her calls.

We think since there is now family "involved" we are no longer needed.  I just wish Faye had more caring family members.

  Fayes loving sister who called the ambulance to return and abandon Faye alone and helpless in her apt. had a appointment yesterday with a Skiled Nursing Facility where there is a bed open now for Faye.  Deb told her to take Fayes ID and Medicade card with her.  Her response was " Oh I wouldn't feel right just digging around in her purse".  So she went without them.  Now Mrs. Numb Nutts with hubby driving gets to return,  at least I hope they do AND take the required documents with them!

I guess Ron White is right when he sez "YOU JUST CAN'T FIX STUPID"


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  • Blanch (05-25-2019), Snikwahjm (05-25-2019)
I’d like to think we would all have someone to help when we need it, but I know that isn’t true.

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A caregiver at the time of need. Wonderful you can help your mom best you can.

Life on life's terms. I like that. It is what it is. Terrible medical situations take a toll on all. Wishing your mom the best! Stay strong!
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  • Blanch (05-25-2019)
TJ, your story about Faye made me cry. It is all too true these days.
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  • Blanch (05-25-2019)
and, as a caretaker- that means You too. Don't forget that.
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  • Blanch (05-25-2019)
It’s so hard Blanch, but glad you can be there for your mom.
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  • Blanch (05-25-2019)
Just that familiar hand to squeeze makes all the difference..
Stay Tuned

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