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I just saw this trailer, though haven't seen it.
Since I'm starting to see movies again, I might see this one this week.

Leave No Trace
Scores: 100% critics, 91% audience
We might have to catch that one. Have to wait till it is out of the theaters of course since most of our out of the house time is ear marked for another "entertaining" project.

Not sure what movies are out on the market lately but i sure can recommend a few tv series that will keep you glued to the tv set without blinking an eye.

No1. Falling skies

No2. Humans
I did see Leave No Trace this week, and it was poignant. I feel like I'm in a sort of twilight zone, since I'm not sure I can adapt in either lifestyle. A character in the movie said something like, what's wrong with you isn't what's wrong with me, and I immediately thought of this group, what ain't right about me ain't what ain't right about you.
I'm curious to read your take on the movie, if you see it.

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