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10 Deaths linked to a Goodyear RV tire
I had Michelin 19.5 XZA tires on my class A
Of course the rig burned before I got a chance to see how they lasted with less than 10K on them at the time....

The tow truck driver was eyeballing them real close ,same size he had on his truck !
Hope he liked them........
Stay Tuned

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You would see defects in certain tires- Goodyears made in Spain would develop a massive crack in the bead. Someone was importing something called '"Barum(?)", that failed.

Overall, Michelin made the best tire, all trucks used them on steers at the time, with nary an exception.

Saw lots of 8R19.5 XZA blowout- not sure if people didn't check airpressure on inner drive, or -

Recall even asking a sales rep about it

So they axtually make a cheapy just for motorhomes? Yikes!
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If Gary doesn’t drive much and keeps speeds below typical of highways, (like below 45mph), he’d probably have a decent chance of running the tires a year or more. While I dont condone it, I did know of rv ers, mostly the “sit a couple of weeks and move 20 miles then sit again” types, who kept the 10-15 year old tires on regardless. The key was never driving over like 35, taking all secondary roads etc. 

I wouldn’t want to have those restrictions so I work temporary jobs in order to keep the vehicle capable of 75 mph runs for hours on end. I found that I could work temp full-time at (Manpower) type agencies and clear enough in a week to buy 4 new tires for the Prius. Mind you that’s 4 fifteen inch tires vs 6 larger RV truck-type tires but still...
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I got good service out of Kelly's but when they stopped making the ones I liked I switched over to Goodrich on the big truck. Nice tires with good wear and handling.
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