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Generator comparison
There is a lot more info in the original article. I had to cut it back to this to get it to load.

Top 10 Quietest Portable Generators (Under 65dB) – Reviews

A Portable generator can improve your life. It’s a great tool to have for camping and RV use, for tailgating, and for working at job sites.
But there’s one huge problem with generators. They’re noisy!
But noise is just the price one has to pay with a generator…or is it?
There are a number of generators on the market that are remarkably quiet. After some testing and research, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 quietest portable generators.
Rated Wattage
Noise Level (1/4 load)
Product Weight
Estimated Runtime @ 500W load
[Image: honda-eu2000i-80-thumbnail.jpg]
Honda EU2000i
1600W Rated
53 dB
45.6 lbs
9.6 Hours
[Image: wen-gas-80-thumbnail.jpg]
WEN 56125i
1600W Rated
51 dB
48 lbs
9.6 Hours
[Image: champion-digital-hybrid-80-thumbnail.jpg]
Champion Digital Hybrid
3500W Rated
64 dB
81 lbs
31.5 Hours
[Image: Generac-IQ2000-80-thumbnail.jpg]
Generac IQ2000
1600W Rated
53 dB
46.2 lbs
9.12 Hours
[Image: ay2000u-80-thumbnail.jpg]
Atima AY2000i
1600W Rated
52 dB
47.41 lbs
8 Hours
[Image: yamaha-inverter-80-thumbnail.jpg]
Yamaha EF2000iSv2
1600W Rated
51.5 dB
44.1 lbs
8 Hours
[Image: energizer-portable-eZV2200-80-thumbnail.jpg]
Energizer eZV2200
2000W Rated
59 dB
77 lbs
8 Hours
[Image: briggs-generator-80-thumbnail.jpg]
Briggs & Stratton P2200
1700W Rated
59 dB
54.6 lbs
6.8 Hours
[Image: westinghouse-igen2000-80-thumbnail.jpg]
Westinghouse iGen1200
1000W Rated
58 dB
35 lbs
7.2 Hours
[Image: energizer-EV3200-80-thumbnail.jpg]
Energizer EV3200
52 dB
96 lbs
21 Hours
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  • Blanch (07-01-2018), American Nomad Patriot (07-01-2018), Matlock (07-02-2018)
We have an I power generator with a Yamaha motor. Very quiet. Easy on gas. Starts easy. Not terribly expensive at Costco.
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  • American Nomad Patriot (07-01-2018)
I have a sportsman 1000w inverter generator. Got it on sale from WallyWorld a few months ago for $152. It's only 1000w so it won't run a lot of devices but I got it for charging batteries when needed. Don't know it's longevity but the price was right. Don't know the db's either but I can stand right next to it and have a normal conversation, even with old ears. It fits my needs for now.

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  • American Nomad Patriot (07-01-2018)
Great subject ! I was always curious about this. I do plan to have one on my bus. Preferably something that's quiet as possible with electric and remote start. I have a almost new Generac 5500 but it does not meet any of the my requirements unless I can convert it. I don't think selling it and then buying another is not in my mind atm. Resale value is not that good on gens.
I have a Sportsman 2000w dual fuel. I run it a couple times a month and use propane only. I don't want to bother with gummy corn fuel additives messing up the carb. As to noise, they all get to me after awhile, regardless of db.
Ok, full disclosure, the ringing in both ears is there when the genny is off too. But even the quiet ones just humming away are loud inside 50 feet.

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