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Shuttle Bussin', Bitchin', and Grinnin'. Let's Get it on !!
I got worried about you yesterday when I saw they had a real turd floater in Little Rock yesterday.  I guess you're safe in Tx.
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  • American Nomad Patriot (04-22-2019)
(04-20-2019, 08:20 AM)weigh2ez Wrote: I got worried about you yesterday when I saw they had a real turd floater in Little Rock yesterday.  I guess you're safe in Tx.

It was whole pile of turds floating before I left. Had a period of time it wasn't raining its azz off and that's when I hauled azz to TX. Thanks for thinking about me. ;-) !
Update- as of 4/22/2019
Got to TX on 4/19 early Friday morning.
Worked on bus, found Uhaul car trailer, getting new batteries, and general getting it road ready. Bus overcharging batts. Now need to replace the first two new batts i just bought. 
Saturday- 8:00 am drive it to town for state inspection and get new batts. 
             -8:20 am found diesel leaking on ground under engine
             -8:21 am. Resisted driving bus through mechanics house and called him instead. lol
             -8:40 am. Back at ranch. 
             -9:30am mechanic shows up and it takes him 8 hours to get leak fixed. (He ripped a fuel hose that comes from the fuel pump when he used a impact wrench to tighten a small hose clamp. SMH)
            -6:30 pm. Leak fixed. 2nd new set batts installed. 
            -Got car on trailer. Trailer hooked to bus. (Realize hitch low and trailer tongue is even lower.)
            -Go to town to get receiver hitch with 8" drop/lift to raise trailer tongue up. While getting hitch realize the bus is not wired for trailer lights. So add buying all that chit.
            -Drag azz to bed.
Sunday(Departure day!)- Leave ranch with rig, trailer, car. Then the "real fun" starts. Get on highway and bus engine starts missing. 20 miles more something like a pulley or the belt starts squealing loudly. Still driving 70 mph with major determination. 
            -Going through  2 lane construction zone w/ concrete barriers on edge of each lane(No shoulders) at 70 mph I come over a rise and see a blue compact car Dead Stopped in my lane with flashers on !!!  Brakes on bus applied with both feet trying to shove them through the floor board. Car beside me to prevent changing lanes right away. Get rig slowed my inches as car passes on other lane in time to swerve bus and trailer around stalled "Almost more compacted car". Did I mention there was two 18 wheelers and a dually with trailer bearing down on me and everything else from the rear? Yep. So I got through that with the seat cover sucked up my butt (JJK). 
             -I pull off next exit to regain my thoughts and thank the Lord I made it through that. 
             -Got back on interstate for 2 more miles then.....I smell something burning. I look out side mirror to see smoke coming from passenger rear wheels. Take tireS off on shoulder of major interstate. Tires are good. Brake caliper...smoking like a BBQ pit. Take caliper off and brake pads fall apart in pieces. Seems when I slammed on the brakes the rivets that hold the brake material to its plate backing had all sheared off. Anyway, Shove caliper back on without brake pads (Yes I know what the results will be). Put tires back on. Of course now I have No Brakes ! At this point I gave to hell up ..said "phuk it" after 3 hours on the road and haven't made it 45 miles of the 700 to Little Rock. So I limp the rig back to ranch while downshifting to slow bus down enough I could stop it with what little something underneath would make it stop. Made it back to ranch, unloaded car, unhooked bus from trailer, threw my laptop bag and clothes into car and left to Little Rock. I'm am SO Feeling @@$%#@$$##$$@@$%#$!!! So if you made it this far on this update...Thank you! Stay Tuned Yall. My life aint never boring.  David
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  • Texjbird (04-24-2019)
What a demoralizing nut buster! Was glad to hear that you're not letting it slow ya down.
that sucks but ya know,shake down runs,every time i find a couple things to fix/adjust
I liked the part about going 70 to try to get there before it pooched.....

I might have to give you a rep point for surviving that , take a lickin but you just keep fixin'' actually seem to be enjoying the ride too !
Instead , something really valuable,,, Your Official Club Title Shall Be............. TIMEX !
(you all saw that comin' didn't ya ?)
You might have a couple more by the time you get to your final finished rig (FFR)
.......a true nomad , showin' how it's git's done..move forward.
Many of us have had a helpin' of setbacks , just speed bumps . Speed is overrated , really ...... skuh kuh kuh kuh

T W O h s,,,,P. O.
Stay Tuned

Weirdo Overlord  YARC 
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1 of which is a limited edition Turkey Poop Spreader (What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

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  • Texjbird (04-24-2019)
Some guys have all the fun.
My fist trip in my kurbmaster filled with gaz on way to airport to pick up wife, forgot something drove back, noticed something leaking, drove to a steep sloped area to keep the fuel back in the tank, crawled under repaired section of fuel line. Pick up wife second day out brakes not behaving never told wife I babied it around on that trip till I could do proper repair back at camp, took a long time to figure out why brakes were sticking turns out flex hose had internal damage and stopping fluid from going back at times. Got that sorted next trip was several thousand miles of trouble free motoring in very remote area. It will come right, growing pains.
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  • Texjbird (04-24-2019), MN C Van (04-25-2019)

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