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Shuttle Bussin', Bitchin', and Grinnin'. Let's Get it on !!
(07-07-2018, 03:44 PM)sternwake Wrote: All rust treatment products use phosphoric acid. Look at the ingredients on a Coke can, its the fourth listed ingredient. Which is why there are so many 'clean it/treat it with coca cola' types of folklore.

Naval jelly has a good percentage of phorphoric acid, and I decided to try and use it instead of Ospho to remove
some rust on the extendo sliders on my neighbors compound miter saw, as I was not just treating it for painting but wanted to dissolve the rust.

The results were poor.

I found that Ospho on a green scrubbie sponge worked better and faster at both turning the rust black, but then allowing it to be scrubbed down to clean slightly pitted steel.

Ospho does have some extra ingredients that seem to give it an edge over every other rust converter product that i have tried, and its watery nature can allow it to wick deeper into crevices and do its thing to slow down the rust.

The Local Ace Hardware by me carries it, it is about 15$ a quart.
You are correct as usual Sternwake. If I wasnt trying to keep it off the exterior I would (have before) put it in a spray bottle for dispensing.
BTW Sternwake... Fixing to start putting my wiring and solar list together. I bought a pair of the hydraulic crimpers for the cables. Also got a soldering iron. Tomorrow evening I will take the measurements and map it out. I will be picking the brains of you and all the rest of the electrical gurus here.
Then it's back to Little Rock, AR for prob 7-10 months. Might get a day or two around Christmas. Aka ANP David

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Rained today. Found 2 leaks. My Dad is going to put some silicone on the outside of the two windows tomorrow for me. Will take it off next time I am home. Ran out of time.
Puddle on floor under window on the 2nd pic. [Image: 65d97c8a6b0516f1c1d46b5908f2e4ac.jpg][Image: ff0421f53b23db53cd6b038ba957127a.jpg]

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Well fellow peeps ..Since I'm not able to work physically on my "Podunk" bus I have resorted to buying and finding the things to go on or in it. This past week I have bought: 
One Renogy 150W Mono Solar panel+ other solar fitting etc (Bought new from a fellow vanner left over from a build he did)
One Powereco 150W Mono Solar panel (bought from Amazon for $186.
Air-Ride front air bags (ordered from local to me 4wd retail store $110) I already have the rear bags, compressor, and some air line, and one psi gauge. 
I also took the time for a little fun and checking out local scenery and activities. 

[Image: WlarPxUm.jpg][Image: oheOvTAm.png]
[Image: jzAMTAcm.jpg][Image: NgHLGwHm.jpg]
[Image: fdKkOFym.jpg][Image: VNhy4OUm.jpg]
[Image: 799GUEBm.jpg]  
About two weeks before another paycheck come in. Then it's back to my list and spending spree.  Stay Tuned.  David
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