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Juanita the '93 Club Wagon
tell us what it is doing,if the shop told you it was the trans and then it wasnt i would do a little bitching,tell them you dont want their rebuilt trans,want the van fixed or small claims,better business
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  • Snikwahjm (05-13-2018)
I think that they tried to rebuild it but failed
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Too many "repair" shops "throw " parts in your vehicle until it runs right. This maximizes profit or labor and parts. I always tell them that if the real quick. If they put a part on and it doesn't fix it then take it off and put original back on. And also I want them to prove to me that it needs whatever part they want to install. "I Think...." / "It might be..." / It's most likely...." Just doesn't go with me. If they don't know what the dang problem/ bad part is then I ain't paying them for all that crap. I tell them I will only pay for remove and replace the part that is proven to be bad with new part. I state this up front. Just this year I took my 1992 F150 into a shop over shifting problems. Engine would "take a dive and bog out" every time it shifted automatically from 1st gear to 2nd. It would go straight to overdrive from 1st. The shop i took it to (after getting my instructions in advance) put FIVE parts on it and had to take them off cause it still didn't fix it. This was a ASE Certified auto shop. They called me and said to come get truck. That they couldn't figure it out and had already lost money due to my instructions. So all that sales crap went to sh*t. All the parts they "tried" to put on it and had to remove and return was about $700 not including labor.
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  • AbuelaLoca (05-14-2018)
I have not paid for the van. They're sending it to another transmission shop to see if they can figure it out. I don't know what's going to happen from here, but I'll take all the prayers and positive thoughts and good wishes you're willing to send!
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I feel sad that your van isn’t on the road yet, I keep thinking about you. BUT where there is a will there is a way... we saw something in a Walmart parking lot in Springfield, IL the other night.... eye roll... when haven’t we seen something slightly odd in a Walmart parking lot... It for sure would be a last resort... pun intended... there was a pick up that sort of looked like a tow truck towing a van but the front of the van had a hitch. When we pulled up nearby with our lights on, the van it was towing rocked like crazy so someone was living in it... anyway it was an old van being towed. The van had a few slight modifications... there were no front wheels. The engine was missing. The bottom where the engine used to be was covered with something... The windows were replaced by something unidentifiable as well but were flapped open. Then we saw another one with no windows but looked like a plywood box on all sides. It looked like maybe it was being used to haul shingles to the dump. Old vans never die they get turned into trailers, etc? Maybe you can part it out and tow it? Nah. I’m hoping you get it rolling again.
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  • AbuelaLoca (05-17-2018), American Nomad Patriot (08-25-2018)
Snik your post reminded me of my 2nd van that I haven't thought of in years.  

My 1st was a brand 1978 Chevy cargo van.  The 2nd was another Chevy cargo van circa 1960 something.  Well most of it anyway.  The floor had been chopped just behind the front seats and that was now the "front of the van.  The roof and sides extended out further, a thick piece of plywood made a new front wall with the extended metal heated and bent over and around it.  It had a plywood floor laid over the original and a piece of metal for a rear window so the "stove pipe" could pass thru.  A guy lived in it in Colorado for 2 yrs and brought it to TX where I paid $50 for it in 1979.  It was still on the property when I left TX the last time in 2005.  It never leaked except when the front plywood got really bad and I just replaced it.  I like the old vans without so much plastic and electronics. And whoever decided that some vans only need 1/2 a metal bumper right across the middle wrapped in plastic or fiber glass?  Old Squatty will be in for a surprise once the mechanical & electrical repairs & changes are done.  Then some trips to see how it tows.  If all goes well I'm changing or adding several things as money becomes available.

A L,  I think you have more trouble than I do with repairs, or maybe not?  Seems like every time we turn around something else falls off or needs repairs or replacing.  I found out today that the Safari's ignition switch may need replacing.  I don't even want to know what that costs.

I hope everything works out for you.  I'm so glad I'm not still working and trying to deal with everything else. 
 At least you've had some trips to whet your appetite for the future.  I think 100 miles is the most I've put on my van in one trip.  I used to drive 1,000 miles from TX to SD in 17 hours.  It took me 1 1/2 years to clock about 3,000 on the Safari.  New tires will probably rot off before the tread wears out on 'em.

Hang in there I'm rooting for you!

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  • AbuelaLoca (05-17-2018), American Nomad Patriot (08-25-2018)
(03-03-2018, 03:52 PM)AbuelaLoca Wrote: Nothing new happening, but wanting to keep track of the money spent so far...

AbuelaLoca Wrote: Wrote:
I need to keep better track of what this is costing me, so I'm going to start with this post and add to it as I go!

Van - $900
State inspection - $12
License & tags - $122.61
Small tools - $21.57
Rags & cleaning stuff - $8.60
Seat belt sockets & plate screws - $30.25
Door cable repair kit - $24.95
Reflectix for windows - $16.09
Geocel for high top leak - $25.82
Bed - $104.17
Mattress - $98.95

Total so far: $1365
AbuelaLoca Wrote: Wrote:
No-see-um fabric - $15.54
Window tint - $38.88
Bungee cords - $12.02
Shop work on A/C and removing handicap strips - $188.12

Total so far: $1619.56

I should be able to get someone to take me to the shop to pick her up today... let the fun begin!!!
Striker plates and other misc from junk yard - $50
Sikaflex - $23.70
IR Thermometer - $10.97
Luci lights - $19.59
Screwdrivers - $3.76
5 gal bucket, cup holders, etc. - $8.00
Glues and tapes - $9.40
Tail lamp assy - $32.78
Back door latch cables - $41.16
Small dresser - $32
Ceramic insulating paint - $128
Total so far: $1978.92

I had to dig deep for this post since it's been a while...

Solar thingy - $25 
Rebuilt tranny and new "computer" and inspection - $2203.14
Renew tags - $46.00

New Total as of August 24, 2018: $4,253.06

She's home, she's running and we're taking our new maiden trip to KC tomorrow. If she makes it there and back, we will be heading to Kentucky in a few weeks!!!
viajes seguros
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I hope this works....I look forward to seeing you in KY

1989 Honeywell motorhome
Ford E350 chassis.  460 engine
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  • AbuelaLoca (08-25-2018), American Nomad Patriot (08-25-2018)
Safe travels to you!
The first step is always the hardest.

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  • AbuelaLoca (08-25-2018), American Nomad Patriot (08-25-2018)
i want a new transmission and tag to cost only $46,oregon was invaded by california and they brought their taxes with them
$193.50 for 2 years for my rv
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  • AbuelaLoca (08-25-2018)

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