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FatvanSS Dragonwagon L.E.
It looks like everything is coming together.
What else do you have left to do ?.
2001 Phoenix Cruiser 2300B
On A Ford E350 Chassis
V10 Engine
Full time sense 10-12-18
(06-19-2018, 08:30 PM)shadow Wrote: It looks like everything is coming together.
What else do you have left to do ?.

for the basics,not much,need to make sure the propane system is up to par,would like some solar,overdrive transmission,limited slip diff,when these tires go will need new wheels to replace the 16.5 and of coarse make sure the black tank stuff works etc.etc.
You can get a 200 watt solar kit on ebay for under 300 dollars. The transmission and diff is the most expensive items on the list.
The waste tanks aren't so bad, the main thing to check is the gate valves, if they are original you might want to replace both of them. They aren't very expensive. I had a slight drip from my black tank valve, so I will be replacing both gate valves on my rv.
2001 Phoenix Cruiser 2300B
On A Ford E350 Chassis
V10 Engine
Full time sense 10-12-18
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  • Blacktank (06-28-2018)
well it stops,and straight at that,seems to have more pedal travel so i will bleed again and make sure the rears are inadjustment
these hydroboost brakes sure aint the touchy gm vacuum brake,going to take some time getting used too but you get on them and all those things you forgot about come flying forward

windshield cleaner pump not working,have to tap the dash to get the fuel gage to work
looks like when i adjusted the trans fill tube i cracked it,a little fluid came out when i added some besides that didnt see any leaks

wood shed full,off to pull the distributor out of the truck and get it back running
Sounds good!
The anti-slip, posi, locker, limited slip is what I'd do dead last, after waxing the inside if the wheels-
It really doesn't do much- as usually you're just plain stuck anyway.

In fact, it causes both wheels to spin and then slide sideways. I never really liked them.
I had to add one to my little car for a unique application- works for that- but does next to nothing driving in snow or mud.
99.999% of the time you don't need it, .00005% it hurts more than it helps, .0000025% it's debatable,  .0000025% it might help.
Chains would do you 10x in mud and snow. Plus they're required at times in some passes.
[Image: 3aea4ed357de43abf9f2fd9f949d2779.jpg]

Now, if you could get a manual and a clutch pedal bracket, you'd be miles ahead of a slushbox.
Bet you could pick it all up at a pick and pull for about nothing.
Sometimes dweller in 237k miles '07 Grand C-van w/ a solar powered fridge and not much else
had to be done,if the crusty one that on it is stock it's 45 or 63 amp and it will soon be charging two batteries

no stern it not external regulated,thats expert stuff and i am a beginner and anything is better than nothing,it's a start 

am going to hook up a toggle to the solenoid so i can turn it off while starting/idling and on when i get up the rpm's to avoid overheating,it's the 12si version which is supposed to better at cooling and all around compared to the 10si
been in the mid 90's here and inside of the rv(in direct sun) is no worse than in the shade,being plastic and insulated i might have avoided the automotive hot box scenario
[Image: daWj9DK.jpg]

since i have some electricity it's only natural to introduce some water

rv hose fill up worked good enough,a little leaked out,the screw in hookups fill i didnt plumb in and needs to be caped, 
small leak at bottom water heater inlet,needs be at 45 degrees so i need to muscle that around on more time,
1977 kitchen faucet leaks everywhere,around the handle,wont turn off,need to get a cheap new one because i'm not sure if i will keep it ,
shower faucet/shower worked,the shower head sucked and it's old so will look for a new one,
outside faucet worked fine not sure if i can get a hose and shower head to work both inside and out or just get a hose and head for each

at that point i started dripping more than the water system so time for a cool down/desticky myself shower
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  • AbuelaLoca (07-20-2018)
um,yea,faucets and cheap dont come together,going to have to do so searching
Nice clean looking wire job so far !
(the screw in hookup has to be capped ?"
 Is there is water coming out of the city water fill when you turn on the pump ???
Add a backflow preventer valve.

For a cap , they have a little one with an air valve built in designed for blowing out the system with compressed air but it also makes a nice cap . There are nice brass ones at the hardware store  too .

I started tearing off the front of my engine for the w. pump, so much junk in the way.....
The inverted torx bolts holding the radiator in place were out using a 7/16 12 point socket , it fit perfect !
(My mechanic gave me the tip , saved me almost $50 for the inv. torx sockets i now don't need to buy.) Big Grin
Stay Tuned

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