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Yeah, the Pinto Tank comes to mind! LOL!

Same reason you can put an 85-gallon diesel tank in a long WB ford but not in a Gasser of the same wheelbase.
I was referring to hanging LP tanks off bumpers. Liquid to a gas at 85 degrees expansion is a pretty good oven. 1-gallon propane = 36 cubic feet propane. That is at minimum temperature. Warm it up and well it isn't a real good day considering at that saturation point it is not a burn but an explosive reaction. Think getting diesel hot enough to stay lit and nitromethane burn speeds. In an enclosed space well...    
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Not exactly what you asked, but since we're off topic, perhaps a Craigslist dual-fuel or whitegas stove would meet your requirements.

You can go forever, and I mean forever, on a gallon of white or unleaded gas.

Offer in another thread to give one away. I have a dual burner that I could also donate
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