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96 E350
Here's the link to my 96 E350 van.  It's been in West Texas it's whole life so it's rust free.  Runs great.  Was owned by a govt agency and was serviced regularly.   I've decided my TT and pickup suit my needs better.  My phone number is on the ad but please text me and let me call you back because I get so many robo calls I just don't answer my phone if I don't recognize the number.  If you want to call just leave me a message  and I'll call you back
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Thats a pretty nice looking rig, perfect (!) for dwellers who don't drive a lot.  Standing room, big cargo and weight capacity, obvious off-pavement ruggedness, and probably the good old school 351W engine.  Not a lot of new-fangled engine computers to break and OBD2 as well.

I’d think a no-rust high top like that would sell quick. You didnt give much detail mechanically however thats a good base rig to start from. Best of luck.   Wink
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You're right about the engine and it runs very well.  I'll be glad to answer any question anyone has.
(06-05-2018, 11:56 AM)weigh2ez Wrote: Here's the link to my 96 E350 van.

Stunningly tempting! Smile

Two of the pictures seem to be the same, or so close as to be redundant. I don't know how much of a PITA it is to edit CL listings.
Good luck, and keep us updated.
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Wickid Shahhhhp Lookin' !
  Likey the extra tall barn doors .
Stay Tuned

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I'm open to offers.  I'd like someone to get it that needs a good truck.
SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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