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Pickup truck suspension question
I have the Ride-Rite brand and very pleased with them over the last two years. I still have one more pair that are brand new, plus brackets, compressor, gauges, wire harness, switch etc. I'm saving them to install on my bus since it will be on a E350-E450 frame. I have learned from yall here that I will need a pair for the front as well. Plus get everything "plumbed and wired" to use the bags separately. Thanks Yall !!
AirLift also sells airbag kits for specific vehicles, in addition to firestone.

Both brands of kits some with a heatshield, to protect the bag from the exhaust pipe. The airlift heatshielfd in my application fit on the exhaust pipe, the firestone kit had a heatshied which fit on the frame where the bag mounted to the bracket. I liked the latter better, and actually extended the size of the heatshield with rivets and a pizza cooking tray. My bags have been in place since October 2007.

I did have to cut my exhaust pipe for clearnace of the bag, it basically needed 3/4 inches added for clearance. Since 2007, A Steel food Can from Hunts tomato sauce, and many hose clamps have been holding my E pipe together. Bridging this gap. Keep meaning to fix it correctly, but the cans last 2 to 3 years and take about 15 minutes to replace, if that. Last time i actually treated the can with Ospho and a few layers of Appliance epoxy to slow down the rust with will take out the can.

Once time I got rear ended in Baja, and the can compressed, and if I did not have a trailer hitch my gas tank might have been punctured. The compressed cans might ave taken stress of the e manifolds on engine.

My firestone Kit says the bags must have at least 5PSI kept in them, and the Airlift kit says 10PSI, IIRC

I have messed this up a few times after deflatng them for a certain camping spot. No issues though i would not recommend it.

These airbags use simple push to connect air fittings. These are quite easy to assemble, but basically rely on airpressure to seal them. I recommend when inserting the hose into the connector to then pull back on the collett and the airhose to form a better seal.

Thay also say not to perssurize bags without being on the vehicle, but the first pair of bags I got had slow leaks that i found afterremoving them and putting 5 PSI in them and submerging them in a bucket. I bought them from Summitt Raacing and they were quickly and painlessly replaced, but i dang sure bucket tested the new ones before installation.

They say losing 5PSI a month or some such number is to be expected. I do not notice any loss of PSI now
As far as the automatic levelling kits, there have been times where it would certainly be empoyed, but I find that doing the manual adjust sitting on my bed in the back is no deal breaker
Does it have leaf springs? Some trucks don't.

If so, I'd add a leaf (you can also inspect, your self, for broken leafs)
After you get a leaf added, you just forget about it- No need to worry about air or leaks.
A spring shop will be able to quote what you need.
I'm lucky that I have a mechanic that works with me on prices and that never recommends something I don't need.  The first job he did for me was $340.  Another place in town wanted $850 for the same job.

When I had a class III hitch put on the Safari I also had helper springs with a 4in lift installed.  We had to raise it the 1st 2in when the hitch went on.  It still hits bottom going in and out of some parking lots or crossing roads here in town. We have some deep rain culverts in places due to flooding because of poor drainage in some spots.

That's the reason I call my van Squatty,  I don't usually name my vehicles.

Queen if you talk to a tire guy on the phone and tell him LT tires or whatever tire you want would you please record the conversation when you go to buy them and they try to put P tires on your truck? 

  Let's just say my Granma raised me and she could cuss a blue streak.  I think I might of scorched some ears up in KY, not just once but twice trying to buy tires.

Really I'd tell'em  4x4Ranger, V6, rear helper springs, extended cab, pulls loaded trailers up to 1,000mls. " I WANT A LIGHT TRUCK TIRE".  When I'd get there they would try to sell me passenger car tires because "that is what it {my truck } was rated for. I know I have a bit of a  TX/southern accent but damn it anyways. I try to speak plainly.....mostlyAngry

Good Luck


P.S. Does your truck have a warenty?  Seems to me that rated to tow 6,000lbs the suspension should be stronger, enough to not bump the ground just because you added a topper.  Also maybe there have been on going Issuses with other models like yours and maybe a recall/replacement going on?

                         I'M NOT HERE   Cool   YOU DIDN'T SEE ME
MN C - yup, it's got leaf springs.

Jewellann - truck is still under warranty, it should tow 6100 lbs but I think the manufacturer sets them up to appeal to people who want to own something that looks like a truck but behaves like a car. I'm with you on the tire guys too, I love being spoken to like I'm an idiot and know nothing. *sigh*
Wink  YEAH! I love being talked down to soooo much that if my son And best guy friend are around when it happens they step off a little.  To the side and back a little bit.  I guess they are there for back up?  Not sure whose as I'm pretty good at making my thoughts, wants, and needs very clear with what is acceptable and unacceptable at the time.  I don't discriminate on genders either. 

 Some people just don't listen to other folks when they are explaining something.  Why should they?  They already know everything anyways.  If something's not right I just want the situation handled and corrected.

Have you thought about taking your truck to a dealer about the problem?  You might get lucky and they would do something to beef up the suspension @ no charge.    I would be interested to hear their thoughts on it.  Especially when they explain to you that every thing is fine and dandy. Rolleyes  Then they'll explain to you how you having the work done to fix the problem & not by the dealer will void your warranty............maybe.


                         I'M NOT HERE   Cool   YOU DIDN'T SEE ME
Yeah, I talked to the dealership and was told everything is fine and "working within specs", I asked the service guy if he'd haul 5000+ pounds in that current configuration... he hemmed and hawed and said very quietly "no, probably not".
That's why the manufacturers always state:

"When properly equipped".

Sometimes the specs are so 'optimistic', it makes me wonder if they really mean, 'At the front of the trailer, remove the truck you are using, and insert a bigger one'.

Wondering about Wandering.
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My truck is rated to tow 10k lbs and I think it's comfort range is closer to 5k. Then if you look at what people tow in Europe with tiny trucks and cars and being in the lawsuit happy country we live, is a manufacturer really going to open themselves up to a lawsuit with ratings their vehicle can't handle?, makes me think i'm probably being overly conservative.
My Jeep is rated to tow 5000 pounds. No way in the world will I even attempt to pull that heavy of a load with it. Going forward isn't the problem... getting it safely stopped is where I worry even with electric brakes.
Traveling.  It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.


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