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Getting Rid Of Everything
(05-08-2018, 11:36 AM)Motrukdriver Wrote: Wife and I have discussed going full time and we've both come to the conclusion of "why?".  

That's kind of the conclusion I came to last year, though I reserve the right to change my mind at a moment's notice!  My house is paid for, taxes are low, and I have my workshop 8 feet from my back door.   If I didn't love woodworking so much, I think i could probably full time,  but I love woodworking, fly-fishing, and traveling all about the same so for me it's about fine tuning it in a way I get to continue to do all of them.   And unlike a lot of people,  I genuinely enjoy most of the projects that come with home ownership, right down to mowing the lawn, or mowing the weeds would be a more accurate description of what i'm actually doing.   

Like all of life,  there is no one size fits all.  You can only do what's best for you with what you have.  I'm learning life is a long road of trial and errors,  and when that happens you just have to re-group, re-adjust and keep pushing ahead.

But back to the original post......getting rid of stuff is very hard. I've cleaned out my life twice, my Dad's life after he passed, and my grandmother's life after she passed. And it's hard every time, the only thing i've learned is of the multiple dumpsters full of stuff i've reluctantly tossed and all the stuff i've sold for pennies on the dollar, I can say i've not missed or regretted giving up a single item. Which makes me wonder........why is it so hard to get rid of in the first place?
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  • shadow (05-09-2018), American Nomad Patriot (07-23-2018)
When dad died in 2007 we kept all his things because mum found it hard to let go of. Then in 2013 when mum passed my brother and i gave away all my fathers things and tools to my brothers friends and his cloths all went to the op-shop (second hand shops/thrift stores) for those in need.
We kept all of mums things right up until we sold the house in 2016 then we gave all the furniture to my best friend and our other friends. We gave all mum's cloths to the op-shop. Moving out and starting a new life was hard back then as i was having mixed emotions about everyone that i loved and was leaving behind and felt like i had betrayed the promise to my mother of looking after my brother and keeping the home that she worked hard to renovate and fix for us to live in knowing that she was dying of cancer. There's not a day that goes by that i don't feel bad about it all.

Full forward to 2018 I've been in the states for two years now and have established my life with my husband and now due to the healthcare system and my heath we have decided to sell up everything and move back to Australia. At the moment we are trying to remodel the houses that we brought and try to sell them off as well as to try and sell some of my husbands furniture and other nick knacks that he's accumulated throughout the years. At first it was hard for him to let go of but now he sees and understands that we need to do it now rather than later at the last moment. At the moment i'm going through a lot of physical pain with all my old work injuries and feeling quite useless that i can no longer help my husband with the remodels to get them done and ready for sale at the same time i'm hoping and praying that i don't need to go to the doctors or hospital for my ailments as i know that i can get very bad and that i will end up being bed ridden. I'm also trying to make a mental note everyday that i don't eat or do anything that will cause me another bowel obstruction as again i cannot afford to go to the doctors here in america. All this as well as the lack of financial funds is getting me down. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that i would be in a predicament where i would be financing five properties, doing remodels and paying insurance and maintaining all five in two countries and not making enough on rentals to sustain me and my husband. Me I stress over things like that and the stress as well as all the pain from my injuries are now taking their toll on me physically. So yes, I can personally relate to your situation. Ron has a year to go before he gets his social security payments and that will help quite alot especially in the finance department, but that is a whole year away.

And now to make things worse it looks like the days of me helping my husband with the remodels are now over. My old work injuries have reared their ugly head and have now rendered me home bound and useless. So now i have to rely on him to do all the remodeling on his own which makes me feel as though i'm adding a burden on him.
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  • Xanthorhizas (07-23-2018), American Nomad Patriot (07-23-2018), Snikwahjm (07-23-2018)
In August, Ron and I joined the local statewide yard sale and managed to sell off half of his items. We plan on selling the rest next year in an other yard sale. We did try the Facebook market place and even though we managed to sell a few items there it was very frustrating as it was hit and miss due to no show ups and massive markdowns due to people wanting bargains.
People that are loving and affectionate are like delicate flowers, if you don't show them love in return and nurture them daily, they will build up a wall between you and eventually you will lose their love and trust.

HELP!!! She's selling off all my stuff..
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  • Cammalu (12-15-2018), GypsyDogs (12-16-2018)
I finally sold off the remote controlled airplane collection for just $500 less than I had originally hoped to get.It was worth far more but you can't store too many 10 foot airplanes in a 25 ft trailer. What was funny was that the buyer told me that he thought I did really well on the sale considering..... I told him to stop blowing smoke up my ass and that had I seen the ad 10 years ago I would have been on it so fast it would have made his head spin.

I talked to my sister in Michigan and she will sell off my Red Wings memorabilia and split it with me.

I have been trying to sell the tires and rims but I think the rims are killing the deal. They are new rims and good tires, just to soft to tow with. The only chance I will have to use them is if I take a long term spot at Coyote howls or the like and swap them out with the off road set so that they don't wear out so fast. I will likely have a used shop pull the tires off the rims for the pittance that they will give me and turn the rims into the recycle for $100.

The Tailgater portable satellite system I will list here until I leave and can always sell in the future.

That just leaves some power tools, my fishing gear and a few personal affects that I did not want to give up nor take on the road.

I am likely to get a cheap storage unit down there so that I can thin out and travel lighter. I could cram it all in the trailer and bring it down to sell but I am more likely to make more money focusing on work. At least having the unit until I leave gives me a secure place to empty the truck while I move stuff.

That storage unit is my last real tie to Colorado and has kept me from getting up into the mountains this year. Next year I will only return if I want to and will probably move my residence by then.
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  • Nana (12-15-2018), American Nomad Patriot (12-15-2018), GotSmart (12-29-2018)
I remember when I sold off all my RC airplanes. Took two van loads to get them to the big RC sale at McDonald Douglas. Sad day that was.
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  • American Nomad Patriot (12-19-2018)
It is sad because I did it for so long and was good at it too. I can't hold my head upwards for very long before I get light headed so even if I had the room I can't do it. Add in that those planes literally are more weight than I should pick up.....

Yeah it sucks.

I am even considering selling off the pro photography gear. A full sized DSLR with pro glass is hard to hold up to my eye for long and I can't really collapse down to get macro shots like I use to. I thought I would do snowflake photography if I got the chance but the temperatures needed are too cold for my bones anymore.
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  • Matlock (12-19-2018), American Nomad Patriot (12-19-2018)
I told myself by the time the house was sold I'd have very little stuff left. Well it sold quick and I needed a Uhaul to move what was left. Stuff like small power tools, video cams, quad copters, electronic/electrical and assorted hand tools... all small things but space consuming. Thought I'd get a cargo trailer, fill it up and drop it at a relatives place. Their ok with that but their HOA won't stand for it. 
I'm not willing to be my grandfather and sell everything and sit on someones front porch until I die. I'm looking for a really cheap fixer-upper down by the (ohio) river. A home base where I can use, store and insure my stuff in a warmer climate, less snow, and allow me to come and go by just notifying the USPS to hold my mail for 30 days. So that's the plan. And it may actually work.
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  • American Nomad Patriot (12-19-2018), Nana (12-19-2018), rvpopeye (12-19-2018), Xanthorhizas (12-21-2018)
2019 is a big downsize year for me. It hurts at first. I just sold the awesome Chevy Volt Lion batteries that were for the electric boat project. A canoe or fishing kayak will do. I would have liked to switch to a Lion batteries in my camper but the lead agm batteries are still working ok and it’s set up for lead acid.
Five trailers of assorted materials for projects will get sorted, some parts used, installed, or sold. The aim is to have about half what I have and a base camp on my friends farm to come and go from. The rent is fairly cheap but I may have to give it up eventually also.
When we shut down the farm we had tons to sell off. Sold the 85 acre farm land, tons of equipment, tractors, livestock and more. It seemed to take forever to handle that time in our lives, but luckily my home is minimal but has acerage. It is paid for, taxes are low and I still can't wait to sell the damn thing and hit the road free and clear. Down the line if we want a home we will buy one. I want nothing in my possession but the rig we travel and live in. I want movement without any thoughts or worry of what I closed up and left behind to sit til we come back and see what problems happened while we were gone Smile

We are working on the home now and being a minimal person most is gone already. I don't have one pic on the wall, just enough furniture, knickknacks I am giving away or throwing now.....I want out of here so bad I can taste it. Holding on til kid gets settled in college so we are tied down right now, but man, the minute our window of opportunity opens up, we are gone so fast our feet won't hit the ground as we fly out of here. Home, yes it is, but we can make that anywhere later if needed. LOL
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