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Getting Rid Of Everything
I have been reading a lot of the threads in this forum, and I have to agree that getting rid of everything is harder
than most people would understand, unless they go through it first hand.

Both of my parents passed away in February, and everything that had to do with the house, the property, and all
household and personal property fell on me right there in instant.

I gave most of the furniture and household stuff to relatives, so the house is eighty percent empty except for two
bedrooms and the kitchen. I did make a few minor repairs, and the house has been for sale for a little over two months.

I have been going through all of my personal stuff to down size as much as absolutely possible, and it is a fact that you
need to go through your stuff several times to get down to just what you need, and I`m sure most would agree that its harder
than you would think it would be once you get started.

I also had to clean out the barn, but I got some help from a neighbor with that, and I also have a work shop full of tools
to dispose of or sell. I do have one thing in my favor though, I work at a second hand store, so I can take a lot of stuff
there and sell it.

The other hard part to all of this is that I am trying to get all of this done while working a full time job
Also working on the RV to get it ready and packing my belonging in it at the same time.

It seems never ending right now, but once the house sells most of the stress will go with it.

I hope this ramble makes some sense to anyone that can relate to my situation.
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I have been there and after cleaning out the house to just the stuff that i needed i went full time . 8 months later round two happened, lightened the load and felt good about it. About 2 years in the purge happened , everything that i couldnt live without that i didnt touch for those 2 years went bye bye . every now and then there is a little cleaning of the clutter but the main pile is long gone .
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I'm in this same boat. Been selling things online and getting ready for a yard sale. Trying to pair down to a 10x10 storage unit. I am hoping to be done and out of my house by August or so. Luckily my house is moderately priced and should sell rather quickly according to realtors. I still envision a dumpster in the driveway eventually for the last of my treasures.

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Auction or absolute yard sale. When I moved out of the house, I made a deal with the last person. Everything left for another $30.  Big Grin

Some times Salvation Army will send a truck.
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We had trucks from Goodwill and Habitat show up, everything worth going got gone, everything else got pitched.
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I'm on my second dumpster in the driveway. I found the first 60-70% was pretty easy...then it started getting tough. Just a couple of examples: I've got a small vial of my dad's ashes; I suppose it goes in my catch-all drawer, but not sure. Three ukuleles seems excessive, but the only one I'm willing to give up the one that takes up the least space...I'm torn. I love to roller skate, but being 62 means it's only smooth indoor stuff I'm willing to risk. I went out for umpire in the local roller derby group, but got beat up faster than I was getting in shape. My skates are expensive! I think I'm taking them and will be looking for roller rinks as I travel. Seems like one of those things that 2 years down the road I might not use...if I'm lazy.

So far though, I've come to the conclusion that there seems to be room in Putt for stuff I feel like keeping. I reckon the purges will continue once I'm on the road and start gathering things essential for camping and will have to pitch less useful items. So it goes, I guess.
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Almost every fulltimer I know, who has stored items for later, eventually dumps it all and regrets the money spent on storage. That said, it is such an individual process, people have to go with whatever works best for them.
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(05-08-2018, 09:10 AM)Putts Wrote: but being 62

At 62 years of age, you are HUD eligible for section 8 program 202 (elderly).

If you are not a convicted felon you can get an apartment that costs less per month than a similar sized storage unit.

Having a base of operations with a real address is a real bonus. Legally you can be on the road for six months per year but as long as you are not in a nursing home the management will not care as long as your rent and electric (if not provided) is up to date.
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  • American Nomad Patriot (07-23-2018)
Wife and I have discussed going full time and we've both come to the conclusion of "why?". I know it is right for a lot of people but for us having this house in the middle of a nice little midwestern town is about as good as it gets. Everything is paid for so all we have to come up with is insurance which is low, property tax which is even lower in Missouri and what utilities we use. Having a big house payment or apartment rent, yeah I can see getting rid of that. Our camper living will basically be when ever I don't have to mow the yard so sometime late fall to sometime early spring we'll be gone. I think that is enough to have a hoot of a time. We know all our neighbors and everyone here looks after everyone else so no issues of bad stuff happening. Soooo, with that said, if anyone is looking for a physical street address we might can work something out. If you are rolling thru and need an Amazon or what ever package delivered we can assist there as well. Also, the back yard is huge and I have a full compliment workshop downstairs with walk out basement so stopping by for a few days when we are home is always welcome if anyone gets over this way in the late spring, summer and early fall. Southeast Missouri area about an hour and a half straight south of St. Louis.
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If there's one thing I've learned so far it's that what works for one person, doesn't for another. If I owned this place free and clear my equation would be different, that's for sure.

Don't plan to head east of the Rockies, but if I do find myself out that way it's good to know someone in the neighborhood. I'll keep you in mind, Mo.
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