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Big Bertha's Bouncy Butt
Does he look a lot like Casey Neistat or what?

Hey I enjoyed meeting you guys and look forward to seeing you again....those burgers were great but that's not really the kinda is....

And Cammie says 'hey' to Molly!


Wondering about Wandering.
(04-12-2018, 09:18 AM)bLEEp Wrote:
(04-12-2018, 09:08 AM)Blanch Wrote: Love you guys! Miss you too. Hopefully I will see you on your journey north. It looks like my schedule is April with my kids in Eureka and May in Crescent City to help out a sick friend. Then either Oregon or the Sierras.

Life is good!

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I look forward to it Smile
Can you see the photos Blanch?

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No. No photos for me.

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think it is the tapatalk bug,i see bleep and wife,toni and colored palms,bus and sunset
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  • Blanch (04-12-2018), bLEEp (04-17-2018)
Wow now THATS a raise!
^^^^^And well deserved ........Lotsa LUV for the two hardest working "kids" out there............Doug
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Great to hear a bit from both of you. Awesome and it really warms my heart to see you both doing so well. 50 hour work week you have to be doing very well indeed. A glass raised to both of you from the other side of the globe!

I pretty sure you'd know how to do Turducken for Thanksgiving...I might just fly halfway around the world to eat it!!

Love and hugs (missed as I had to jet last time without proper goodbys)
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  • bLEEp (04-17-2018)
Smile  Hey I been a wondering where ya'll went!  Last I heard from ya'll you were both working so I figured you were WORKING A LOT!

While I'm waiting to be able to do some traveling I have enough struggle and drama in my daily life.  I can't just move away from it. 

 One of the attractions of living mobile to me is that if I change my mind about where I am or who I'm around I will hopefully be able to move if whatever the problems are can't be resolved.

Well it's back into the battle for Q and I.  She's tied to the back porch railing and guarding us from an attack from the squirrels, woods cats,
rabbits and crows. Rolleyes

Jewellann and the Q
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  • bLEEp (04-17-2018)
Hey guys! Sure have missed you both. Safe travels and hope to see you both next winter in Q maybe sooner! Hugs to Molly...

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Hey, Bleeps, it was such a treat to meet and hang with you both. Really looking forward to more, next year. Drive safe, and have a great vacation!
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