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Kaylee about to emulate a Wood Duckling :)
Kaylee , I'm a little late to the Welcoming party but looks like they haven't turned the lights out yet..but the beer is warm. 
I'm a 13 yr nomad contractor in the oil and gas pipeline industry.  I started with a tiny TT. Now in a bigger/huge TT. Someone told me when I first started this career and was staying in motels (I get $130-$160/ day per diem). "You can't own that hotel room" and "Wouldn't you rather walk on your own floor, sleep in your own bed, etc instead of something a 1000 people have used and was barely cleaned?" and lastly " Get a black light , turn off the lights in the hotel room, and try not to puke when you see the results. "   I never did the black light not sure if it actually works. Did not want whatever mental picture seared into my head. 
For the last 3 years I have had a constant squealing in my ears as well . Doctor told me that it was a mental thing. And thats why I don't hear it sometimes.  
Anyways, Feel free to ask any questions and make yourself at home. I look forward to sharing life's journey's with each other.  David

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