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Tales from a Ventilation Enthusiast
I've only surfed once in the last 3 months. Drove to Florida with my dad in early November, zig zagging around California Arizona and Utah for the first 7 days then 3 days to sw florida. Was planning on returning to SD last month but father decided to have knee replacement surgery and asked me to stay until after. I've made two trips to the Atlantic coast, Surfing once. Gulf coast surf potential is fickle and I've not been tracking storms and conditions in order to get some.
Not sure how long ill be needed after surgery, which is tomorrow morning .

Going a bit stir crazy.
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On the new knee... it takes awhile. I did mine and am ready for another. I only regret waiting so long to get it done. Such a huge improvement!
(02-10-2019, 09:56 AM)Cammalu Wrote: On the new knee...  it takes awhile. I did mine and am ready for another. I only regret waiting so long to get it done. Such a huge improvement!

Thanks, I'll relate your experience to him. 
He seems most nervous about the physical therapy/recovery part, and also wishes he already had it done.

They are saying after 4 days in the hospital they either will send him home and a PT will come in daily to do the therapy, or he goes into a rehab center.  His GP gives it a 50/50 chance of going home at 4 days with his 81 years of age.  So my plans are dependent on his recovery.
Eighty-one. Ouch. No wonder he has to stay for that long. Physical therapy wasn’t fun but it passes like anything else. I bet he does wish he had done it sooner.

This could make a huge improvement in his life.
Hey Roadtripp, you ever acquire one of those 6.x" 282 cfm pabst fans?

I was searching other similar model numbers of that pabst fan with even higher cfm. Only to find astronomical prices, like 10x the link you provided. Makes me.want to buy 5 despite shipping being considerable.

I emailed noctua regarding the most recent failure. Asked if I hey are going to warranty it. To send the 3k rpm 140 industrial fan as i have no longer have any confidence in the 3k rpm 120mm nf-f12.

The fm181 circuitboard has been deoxit shielded, then isolated with amazing goop. The remaining functioning noctua industrial fan got similar treatment as did a budget high rpm fan that i thought was sleeve bearing but is indeed ball bearing.

The smell of AG takes a long time to dissipate. Good thing i dont need to sleep next to them at the moment.
The Noctua representative I've corresponded with since the first fan failure got back to me, saying that the warranty is good 6 years from the date of purchase.
, and that he coud send me basically any other fan in their linup as a replacement if I want, since I no longer trust this specific model and they are basically all the same price.

he recommended the industrial IP67 rated fans, but the 3K rpm ones only come in 24 volt models, and I want 3k rpm, not just 1600, and if I have to use a voltage booster, I'd rather use the papst 24v fan with its 282 cfm rating

I asked for the NF-A14 industrialPPC-3000 PWM

He indicated they would like both fans back, even the one which has not failed yet, but which still spins up backwards regularly and would replace both. I think modifying my shroud for 2 140Mm fans in place of 120mm fans will leave it too weak, but asked for one 24 volt version with the IP67 rating. So one IP52 rated 3K 140MM rpm fan and one 24v IP67 3kRPM 140mm fan.

Ingress Protection ratings chart/explanation:

The Noctua fans which have failed hae been IP52 rated.

I think the firing up backwards is related to if there is pressure on the blades, like airpressure pushing against them to push them in reverseon start up. i could not get it to fire up backwards with fan shroud removed, but the second I returned it to my window I was able to get it to fire up backwards 6 times out of 10.

I related my suspicion to them of why this behavior occurs, since they said they could not get it to happen regularly in testing, and they still say they have had very few warranty returns, where I have had 3 out of 4 of this specific fan fail, and all of them fire up backwards regularly when mounted on my shroud in my window.
good company standing by their product and replacing them
(02-13-2019, 03:28 PM)Blacktank Wrote: good company standing by their product and replacing them

Agreed.  I just wish the warranty were not required. The NF-F12 industrialPPC-3000 PWM fan  on the Notua Na-fc1 speed controller is dang impressive, while it works.

Its CFM rating is the same as the silverstone fm121 at full speed at 110 cfm, but it has more than 2x the static pressure rating, meaning it can fight resistance to airflow much better.   3.26mmH2O vs Noctua's Static pressure 7,63 mm H₂O

Its airflow is also directed in a column, instead of 4 hotspots at wider angles like the SS FM121.

But the SS Fm121 comes with a speed control dial, and can now be had for 15$ while the noctua is 25$ and requires the 25$ speed controller, and fails every so often, at least in my usage.

My SS FM121 on my ceiling exhaust, is not showing any issues at having the circuit board devoid of air circulation, since I removed the impeller and blocked off any possible entry with Amazing goop.  It has hundreds of hours on it, at highest speed so far, and has basically never been shut off since i installed it early January.
Appears Noctua has sent one single 12v 3K rpm 140mm fan, and it will be here in two days( from Austria via UPS) and they want the most recent failed fan back for inspection, and sent me a shipping label via UPS.

I am going to need to make or acquire 140mm fan fingerguard/grille and of course modify my intake shroud to accept a 140mm fan

The IPPC 140Mm 3k fan is rated at 158.5cfm, 48 more than the 120mm version.

Static pressure rating is 10.52 mm of h20, vs the 7.63mm of the 120mm Noctua, and the 3.26mm of the SS fm 121.

So this fan when cranked up should enable the full exchange of inside air for outside air a fair percentage faster than before, for 0.25 amps/~3.2 watts more electrical consumption.

Hopefully it too does not meet its premature demise located on my intake Shroud.
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