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So, if I did get a cargo trailer...
saw this not sure if it's a deal or not

while not the prettiest i did my interior with just a jigsaw,electric drill and a couple skillsaw cuts
a tablesaw and router would of made a big difference but good enough for who it is for
We fitted our van with a mechanic’s tool box for the kitchen stuff. Our induction cook top fits in the top. Other stuff in the drawers. The top previously held a propane stove. No building - bed held in by hinges and cotter-pins. Lots of crates under. Not a lot of building for our rig. We thought we might like to change things at some point. Mr. Snik did build a potty box but I’m betting you could duplicate it with not much problems. It was a 10 cup black oil changing pan thing fresh from Walmart, a gallon top off a vinegar jug and a jar thing the colon test people sent an extra of.... it works. It is in a wooden box. Home Depot or Lowe’s might cut your wood to size for whatever you do build. Then you just have to have enough tools to assemble your stuff. If I could just post pics....
It is a 10 QUART black tank for oil changes...

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