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cheap car stereos
yea,your right,stick to my guns,batteries be damn,my starter will be seperate

i'm over analyzing cheap stereos,i'm just not right

the contestants are all about equal,it's the speakers that come with them that i am analyzing

for the cab i like the one tex posted,the modern vintage looking ones or an older tape deck,if i get one with knobs i wont have to cut the dash
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My 2 cents, Every year around Christmas WalMart comes out with a car stereo package that has a radio and 4 speakers with all the wiring etc. I bought one last year that was a pioneer brand with a USB input etc. The price was $89 plus tax. I have several used vehicles and every year I usually will wait until that time to buy one of the package deals for any of them that do not have one. I think the sound quality is great. But usually lack a lot of power. I think the wattage of the speakers and stereo were rather low. But they were loud enough for be. I guess I'm getting too old. lol.
There are powered speakers made for pro audio , some are pretty inexpensive.
All you need is a couple of RCA outputs on an any power stereo.
(with a little extra wire , they would work great out on the ground somewhere too)

I don't have any specific recc's , haven't been keeping up with developments .

Can be added later ?
Stay Tuned

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for the cab the decision was made for me with an uncut dash so i went with the retro stereo and paired it with 4 rockford fosgate 3 way 90 watt 6.5, have holes in the door for two,the other two,dont know yet

yea,i blew right by my budget,could of got a kit with stereo and 4 speakers for $150 but would of had to cut the dash and really didnt want 1001 options and 10 colors a flashing,all had reviews of small buttons and hard to navigate options

have the doors apart replacing seals and lubing up the window mechanisms so now is the time to run wires
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  • heron (07-28-2018)
I plan to use an RV stereo for the rear on my bus. Then a one of the car stereo kits (w/speakers) for the front. The neat thing about the RV stereos is that they are rated for higher output with satelllite speakers and base speaker for theater sound. And has a button where someone can switch from one rook (or area ) to another...or all at same time. And the one I got recently fro my camper even has remote, bluetooth, aux input, and a usb input outlet. I'll be hooking my tv up to it as well. Then I can do music or tv sound from same head unit.

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