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Verizon unlimited 4G $5 a month
That was short lived. Where ever the tower is it must have breathed and shortened it's range because I can not get the signal back even with the booster.
Welp, we're at the new spot, and somehow even with the WeBoost 4G-X booster our signal is even worse now on *all* our devices than when we originally tested it out.

I have not yet pulled the trigger on upgrading the 3G verizon hotspot to the 4G due to finances. I'm now trying to figure out which direction throw money at it next....better antenna, upgrading the hotspot, or just go with Comcast at this location?

My partner has been relying on his T-mobile plan for Twitch streaming, which uses upwards of 200GB/month. In our tests before moving the rig here, he was *almost* getting a fast enough connection to stream off it. We figured with the RV set up we could place the antenna much higher and it would be even better. So far, we're back down to not even good enough for decent web browsing.

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