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Hello van people
(04-13-2018, 12:33 AM)Scott7022 Wrote: Congratulations one post and already honoured with an award from our weird pirate overlord. The one who said he isn't right.

Welcome, and enjoy everyone here is pretty nice. I think I am as close as this forum gets to not nice, but I am Canadain so I am sometimes not nice but in a very polite way and I apologize.

Seriously, welcome to the forum. Loads of great people here to help you do more than just survive. You can thrive in the situation and loads of good, learned on the road, life hacks for being comfortable.

Scott7022- I don't mind the jokes. At least if I know it's jokes with me and not at me. Then again worse than that are people that talk about others behind their backs. That's why I go to a friends house to have my hair done. Beauty parlors are the worse about gossip. And I get enough ridicule from my family. So when I see something I don't like I just try to believe that others do not understand or have not been down the same path as myself. But humor in many fashions is good for the soul.

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