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Sportsmen GEN1000i sale... $157 @ walmart
Just saw this posted somewhere and thought someone here might like it. 



I was waiting for this sale! $171+change was total cost(taxes+fees)  free pickup at nearby walmart in a week! Yay! Can't wait lol. Love getting new toys that are justifiably purchased... 
Everyone has been talking about how incredible you are, I have to agree. You're pretty awesome! 
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  • Ballenxj (04-05-2018)
This is the little generator I have used for over a year now. I have only really needed it for charging once but it has helped out many with builds and charging their batteries. The rest of the time I try to make sure I get something out of exercising it like seeing how it will run my 5000 BTU A/C, my water heater and once I got lucky with a cloudy day.

It has a fuel shut off and a closing vent in the gas cap so most of the time I fill it when I fill the truck and that's all the gas I keep on hand. It does take getting it ramped up to handle my on board 55a converter but not the Meanwell 30 amp power supply. The 4 amp 12 volt built in charger will take a battery up to and hold 14 volts.

Crap, it went out of stock as I wrote this.
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  • Ballenxj (04-05-2018), Wabbit (04-05-2018)
Yeah I looked around the local Walmart and all were OOS. Had to order it and have it shipped to store. I currently have a cheapo Walmart 25a AC charger that I plan to try on it for charging batteries.
Everyone has been talking about how incredible you are, I have to agree. You're pretty awesome! 
It is a very good unit. It will work well as long as there is fuel available. It is available on eBay between $180-450. It is still $157 & you pickup at Walmart. I'd read many good reviews, just a few bad ones.
Anyone remember those gas wars of our not so distant past?
So, am naturally thinking outside the typical box, am thinking rather scientifically, of what comes on the heels of fuel powered gen/conv?

Human powered power generators past bicycle powered...
edited bad link
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  • Wabbit (04-19-2018), S Cello (04-19-2018)
I have two of the Sportsman inverters, the 1000 listed above and a 2000 which I run on propane.

Real happy...

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