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Van living & med insurance
Once you're full-timing and have decided where to make your base, you need to get medical insurance. 

Do you tell them you're living in a van and roaming around the country?

And if you have a medical problem while you're in another state, is that covered?
I’d say you would want an address...
Are you on Medicare or some other?
Straight Medicare is supposed to be good anywhere.

The HMOs Medicare are only sort of good. It is what we have. Our experience was they paid the ER but we paid a deductible which we pay here then the ER tagged on a doctor visit bill. Meds were out of pocket. Also had to be approved by the insurance before we went. I don’t know how a hurry up ER visit goes. You might want to check with your insurance before you camp? Maybe see what they cover in your area. It should be toll free - check the back of your insurance card if you have one.
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  • AbuelaLoca (04-04-2018)
I'm not up to speed on insurance changes etc. I do know that regardless of where you are or how much money you have or don't have the emergency rooms have to take you in regardless. Many might know this. I'm mentioning this for any others that may not know.
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  • AbuelaLoca (04-04-2018)
They do have to take you but they will bill you

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