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Annie's future mobile... Garden house
I was encouraged here to transfer (from below) the beginnings of my mobile... Garden house , lol

"Sometime during the last century (after surviving that crazy institution aka 'high-school'), got into
1st. Abode = cutest little TINY house: 14 by 20 /280 sf.ft. w/ a couch, fridge, stove, table, 2 chairs, bathroom for $120/m rent
(only bad: Stuck in boring deserted desert) YET in rainbow earthen pots I could grow on both 20 ft. sides/400 sf.ft. nutrient-rich Veggies & Berries & Herbs & Flowers, yeah !
You know where this is going, Right ? [Image: wink.gif]

(as a new US. citizen, unfortunately i got sucked into that next insane institution aka 'college', for even more insane jobs, yikes!
For 30+ years it was one insanity, after another. - Why (on God's GREEN EARTH) humans want more $$ ? unless we help others also therefrom benefit...
Just when hope grew dimmer, I found in boondocks another kinda Tiny house, with acres... to again grow nutrient-rich Veggies & Berries & Herbs & Flowers.
But more $$$-insanity intervened, so in process of extricating from that again.) I've wanted to live in a *round* Tree-house, or in a Geodesic Dome.  Scaled-down from . And
here in Bob's place it hit me: Hey to live simply in the home of my dreams... could live like a Gigantic TURTLE (the 4 legs would be the 4 wheels) to continue growing nutrient-rich [Image: heart.gif] Veggies & Berries & Herbs & edible Flowers, yeah ! & as you know turtles can live 100's of years, Kewlio Wink

Since all progress is powered by our joyful IMAGINATION, some fashion of this should be do-able. What do you think ?

This site is under perpetual construction. Please be patient, Thanks
Because I gave the link to Domed houses,    
Motrukdriver offered:
8'-6" wide x 13'-6" tall max for trailers in the US.  8' wide max for motor homes.  I'd stick with an 8' base diameter dome and see how tall it gets on top of a trailer.  Might be a funny looking trailer too as you build the dome on top of it.  I'll venture a guess that it would be a real head turner and you'll get a lot of folks pointing at it.

[Image: 2vretro_trailer_med.jpg]

Except for the TV-looks, the DOME is soo pretty Wink
Well, a truck-GARDEN maybe more easily doABLE...
All the above would be served in a Toyota Tacoma.

Okay & since I've proved for decades, that plants can+DO easily produce... in a mere inch of Nutrient-rich soil
what would be the gas mileage on these above MOBILE projects, anyway ??

my siggy down below :
"To change something, build a new  [Image: heart.gif] model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Buckminster Fuller

John61CT suggested :
Bucky Fuller's original designs always used a circular base,
a variation could work and could both be designed to be strong and light, get good MPG and look cool.
Do some googling for PMF / Foamie designs using site:

& i said: True, Bucky was another [Image: smile.gif] genius. Partly because he understood a tiny... part of GOD's  [Image: heart.gif] GENIUS.
1. ever seen a rectangular planet ?? hell, no\\ GOD designed & created ALL/every planet *round*

2. so too Cells & all organic matter structured of them are in a rounded... shape. IGLOOS are just plain cool, lol

3. Therefore plant-foundations (Stems, & Trunks) are as well ROUND; as is each water-DROP.

4. And in construction are used Male + Female gizmo's that are ROUND. plus ENDLESS more rounds found in NATURE...
But then upon WISDOM, humanity assumes to improve ?? with their insufferably-boring-rectangular stuff called houses [Image: rolleyes.gif] no less.
as far as that "Airstream" contraption: why ?? would anybody wanna pay $50K+ for a blown-up sardine-TIN, lol
Clearly ROUNDed .......... is the intelligent way to go... [Image: biggrin.gif]
John said again: Build thread, very long post
Somebody asked me there IF this was merely a mental exercise or the Real deal,
my response was: Hi Guy, would you agree all projects start... as a mental exercise? - most of mine, incldg. this one I've thought about living in, & building for over a decade, tho as a Stationary structure. - Yet after arriving in Bob's forum here, the thinking became "I could use this to travel... to where children are, since I dearly love children the younger Heart the better" Why? well with Show+Tell they can experience...*How foods grow...* & these experiences... would stay with them as they too grow... so they can grow their own Cool with their Mind+Body benefiting while at the same time enjoying Fun "
you ask: but is it practical? - in case nomads here think not, I can always stay local... & continue my many passionate projects as I have since age 18.
Because the helpful people at Bob's cont, with the foam-stuff, plus tape on top of it to hold it together,
I had to bring them back on track:
"okay something got lost in translation of my OP specifically SEE THIS link - you see
it's translucent.
Tho in reality the mobile structure needs to LET SUN shine in..... for Optimal  [Image: smile.gif] PLANT-life...
 iow a choice of so for mobile ROUNDed GREENHOUSE-project, which material to use ?
with possibly (partial at very center top) Netting used as a roof Allowing taller tree (like Moringa) to grow...
Project could use further explanation: Currently we live in a (as usual rectangular  [Image: rolleyes.gif] boring) stationary GREEN house; that
in winter months (Nov. thru March) I turn into a Greenhouse  [Image: biggrin.gif] kinda to over-winter plants... using the glass-windows.
obvious limitation is Height = 7 feet). - Fruit-trees (avocado, Moringa, etc) need more height.

So for ages now I've wanted to build an exterior ROUNDed-house), at least an OCTAGON...yet best Geodesic Dome.
(but city Zoning-fools limit 2ndary building sizes.) Hence a MOBILE platform, that Additionally can be transported  [Image: smile.gif] all over, ideally.

Understand how this all developed better now  ? "
--------------------------------------------------------------- and
Kind eDJ_ shared this :
I've followed Geodesic design for some time now. 
 On a trailer with a round fore and aft  base one could construct a "Zome". 
It is a Dome cut down through the center and joined together with a geodesic tunnel. 

[Image: 3d2f7f96aa73e38406c2a0d1fe803513.jpg]
how kewl is this Cool

It would be fairly aerodynamic. Note the roof vent in the end of this green house. 

I've seen structures like this covered with fairly thin expanded metal and
that with a thin cover of "ferro cement" to make a thin shell.  That could be insulated from inside with sprayed in foam. 
If the concrete cracks it can easily be mended with any number of coating treatments to keep the structure water proofed. 

And when she said: If you can imagine things you can probably do them.

strait away in my mind
I was back on the ice in the middle of 1 of my lessons Cool with the Coach saying: "Annie since you're dreaming both at night and during the day of competing in (said) competition, do know if you can imagine it, you can become it" - and tho I already knew this, it was so good that she said this at that very instant. I'll always remember it.
just so you know: I have been asked in nearly every context:  "Annie, does YOUR Imagination ever know any limits ? LOL"
& for all things good  [Image: angel.gif] I surely hope not, LOL

so this part of the puzzle is already Well-established because my primary/preferred Rep-system is VISUAL....
I LOVE that above Greenhouse you shared, so much that I oogle it, sometimes Twice a day lol

And so I asked John61CT again: Honestly there must be some way for little me to BUILD this, plus to MOVE this Greenhouse around ... surely ...
he responded: All it takes is motivation, determination, perseverance - then time, and not least some money.

Lots of money reduces the amount needed of the other factors.

Limited funds? then need lots of the rest.

If I were serious, and wanted something sound to last decades, I'd first play with modeling foam and wood,
then go shopping for engineering and fabrication help.
If it's just an experim. 'art project' then just do it, maybe get a local voc-tech teacher to make it a school project.

The underlying trailer could get registered, treat what's carried on top as a "temporary load".
To get specific help / answers you need to ask specific questions.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so
my response to that was: Hi John,
with the exception of "underlying trailer could get registered, treat what's carried on top as a "temporary load". -
already know the rest as have taught many, many classes.
But it's not as Simple as you make it sound. Because everything I dream UP is always complex, lol
For example, I knew eons ago that I wanted to contribute something related,
so most my projects have centered around *HEALTH-enjoyment...specifically global* [Image: smile.gif]

(but the mortgage-company defrauded all their customers, & then life took 9 more turns south,
so at last 3 counties & 3 properties later, a stationary school got licensed. But then Zoning got changed, &
all of everything made me too sick. So plans got changed, & just as I thought yes, Yes! it's happening...
an even worse disaster hit last year. - soo, I'm trying to create viable Alternatives...
even this MOBILE project might not fly, because states say no! to "LIVE plants" across boundaries.
Sure there's U-tubes & bks galore, yet a majority of people do not know a Forest's nature.
(so instead drug-pushers rule). - When people learn how a Forest's nature empowers health via its 8+ layers, & they too rely on these resources, then naturally their over-all enjoyment increases, & LIFE is enabled for many more sustainably...

It would be best were such Demonstration-gardens ie "Edible forests" part of EVERY precious child's family & school environment already.

The above is just 1 of my dreams, some of which already bore good [Image: smile.gif] fruit.

"To change something, build a new  [Image: heart.gif] model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Buckminster Fuller
(04-01-2018, 10:33 PM)cute Annie Wrote: Hi,
I was encouraged here to transfer (from below) the beginnings of my mobile... Garden house , lol
here in Bob's place it hit me: Hey to live simply in the home of my dreams... could live like a
#1     GARY'S place this is.

This site is under perpetual construction. Please be patient, Thanks

(04-01-2018, 11:18 PM)cute Annie Wrote: in Bob's forum here, the thinking became "I could use this to travel... to where children are, since I dearly 
#2 GARY'S place this is
AS the farmer said to his mule  THAT'S 2! 

Big Grin  I say SENIOR moments, a friend says BRAIN FARTS, another friend sez HIS BRAIN VAPOR LOCKED  Big Grin 


P.S.  WE ain't in Kansas either Dorothy   Wink
                           My Heart Is Good............But Oh This Mouth
                              I'M NOT HERE   Cool   YOU DIDN'T SEE ME
                                            I AIN'T DONE ......YET
Once again, I got more ideas:
eDJ_Hello Annie,

I'm glad the Zome provides a solution to what you can imagine in some context.  

The Zome structure is a Dome which has been cut in half down from the top and a tunnel (a Zone) fitted between the two "half domes".
The greenhouse was built using hexagonal frames which would be ok for a stationary structure like the green house, 
but the type used in the Bomber would be more aerodynamic.  Once this is built you could build your inside walls to partition a bedroom, bath, kitchen living space. 

It would then be up to you as to how to cover the structure.  You would want to allow for windows, door, and skylight/vent. 

Here's ya some free Dome Books (instructional) to check out in .PDF 
You could build scale models on a table top after drawing plans for the build. 
Take into consideration the legal width of the vehicle and height too.
You may want to look at some RV Trailers first to get an idea of what size would suit your needs.

"The  Dome Builders Handbook"

"Dome Book 1"

"Dome Book 2"

Here is a concept sketch of such a trailer

[Image: Zome_3.jpg]
Very kind people over at Bob's giving their level Best to help & support anyone. I am thankful.

of course

has perplexed me to no end already, as I've goofed around with various garden structures such as Coldframes, & the shed.
 the SKIN < toughest part, as the SUN needs ready Access...,
so cover the exterior with a material that is both Durably/transparent.... like WHAT ????
That has driven me to distraction for years...

And wouldn't you know, on the next to the last page GUY delivered the goods Cool :
$0.26 per square foot, 7 year UV rating, fiber reinforced. Seems pretty affordable.
You could use some inferior material to save a few bucks but end up replacing it as the UV burns it up.

If you know of commercial greenhouses in your area that use the plastic covering you might be lucky enough to be around when they are recovering and salvage some of their old covering.


I jumped up & down, yes I did, YES !
I asked if I could copy/paste here 1 of my threads from Bob's place, & several members here said Yes, sure.
Rob said "Post whatever you want, & the devil be damned."
Smile Annie just bless your heart!  Of course you can post threads from there to here.  I  just kept seeing "here at Bob's place" and I did not know they were written while you were on Bob's forum..  Silly ol' me I knew I should have retaken that Mind Reading 101 class again after I failed it the first time.

I'm not sure where, I think on one of the Tiny House forums, someone used white or pale green ribbed plastic or fiberglass panels for the roof or sides of a <<<<<[I think]>>>>bow top style Gypsy Vardo.  I'm not sure where I saw it, just on the internet somewhere.

                           My Heart Is Good............But Oh This Mouth
                              I'M NOT HERE   Cool   YOU DIDN'T SEE ME
                                            I AIN'T DONE ......YET

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