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T Mobile ONE Plue International
I shared the other day how well my partner's Twitch streaming is going so far as a business venture. The tricky thing is live streaming videos requires a LOT of data, and high speed at that. We have DSL here at the RV park with only 0.8 mbps upload speeds, and people were complaining about his poor quality video feed.

After a lot of searching, we've found a phone plan that's not well advertised that seems to be working fantastic for us so far. It's T Mobile ONE Plus International. Not the "ONE" plan, not the "ONE plus" plan, the "international" part is important. Here is a link to the first two plans. Adding the "international" part to the plan is an additional $25, and is only mentioned in FAQs and support.

For $95/month, we get a phone plan with unlimited talk, text, and hotspot with unlimited 4G LTE, no data caps, no deprioritization. It's a plan specifically for people who want to do lots of HD streaming. Higher than what I'd pay if it wasn't a business expense!

So far it's working wonderfully. Streaming quality is 10 times better, he is able to host streams with other players, which is good for his channel, and upload speeds are 12 mbps or higher. He mainly uses the hotspot while streaming through his desktop.

I know T mobile doesn't have the best reputation for coverage, and admittedly we're about 2 miles from their headquarters so that might be a factor in our positive experience so far. What I'm excited about is the notion that it's even possible for us to someday hit the road while he continues pursing his dreams. Sometimes I really love technology!
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Really glad you found something that’s going to work so well for you
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