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Northern Lights shots
We usually see them once or twice a year up here on Bozeman. Those shots from the U2 are mind blowing. I can't imagine what that must be like.
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Amazing pictures! I’d love to photograph the Northern Lights!

I finally got to the Trona Pinnacles to photograph the night sky. Too windy. I got some nice still shots but the wind was so intense that time lapse didn’t work, the wind shook my tripod.

In photography you need to be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment, and I knew that. But I had never had a wind problem before. I’m still learning.

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Last time I was in a stick and brick with Netflix, I watched this Video with my parents, who initially rolled their eyes at the surfing based theme, but both really enjoyed it, as did I:
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  • Blanch (04-08-2018)
Right time and place. Years ago we were camped at ‘Tall Stacks’ across the river from Cincinnati. I took a very early stroll and got to see the river reflect the pre dawn lights on the Ohio. If I had been a photographer I would have captured that.... a few minutes later it was gone but a big bunch of photragraphers came in with all kinds of equipment.... There was an old man near me and he said he liked to watch it when it happened. He said he called it the queen’s jewels. He was right... so right.... photographers missed out. I think the weather has to be right, too. Then I’m not sure it would look the same in a photo. Nothing like seeing real. No way to really capture some of it when it surrounds you. The view from my grandfather’s property was like that. A photo would never do. There is just something about being there. Makes me want to travel.
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