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Peel & Seal is cheap RattleTrap/Dynomat
Saw this on YouTube tonight. Also saw a review of noico which you can buy on amazon. Apparently they all work great. Nice thing about YouTube is they can demo during the install.

Here’s some amazon links:
MFM Building Products 50041 6'' Peel & Seal Aluminum Roll Roofing

SOOMJ 10mm/394mil 197" x 39" 54sqft,Sound Deadener Car,Self-Adhesive Car Sound Deadener Road Noise Dampener Sound Deadener & Heat Barrier Mat - Automotive Lightweight Thermal Insulation

Noico WP 150 mil 19 sqft car waterproof insulation heat and cool liner, Closed Cell PE Foam CCF Self-adhesive Sound Deadening Material (1/6'' Thick Sound Deadener)

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I used a home despot version of peel and seal, forgets its name. I used it inside my front doors so my door speakers would sound better and the doors would sound less hollow when closed. Quite efective.

My doors are white. If they were black and I were in the desert there would likely be asphalt dripping out the bottoms of my doors and I would seriously regret using it.

As it is, the black stuff has migrated out the seams. perhaps go over the seams with some Nashua flexfix tape and do nto subject to heat and pressure and it will be good, but I am not going to use roofing products again for dampening or insulation.
I did the HD thing, too. No running thus far in the Texas heat.
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Hmm. Noico is butyl, which is not the same as bitumen (though one of the components of bitumen contains butyl.)

Some of the others seem to be dense foam with adhesive.

I think the polyurethane foam ones should be pretty effective and not degrade in heat (unless the area is very hot.)

The foam will be less dense so require more of it, and take up more space.

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On further looking it appears there’s a wide variety of things called “peal & seal”, and I just saw one video of a disgusting mess a guy was demoing.

I definitely don’t want something that degraded that fast.

I suspect the foam based solutions may be less effective per square inch initially, but last longer.

Would appreciate hearing if anyone has direct experience.

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