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Older Mini School Bus- 2 Buy or Not 2 Buy??
Still waiting on a reply from the dealer. Guess they don't want to sell it. Or possibly due to Easter holiday weekend. Internet sales people are prob still hung over. Wouldn't "Egg-Nog" be more appropriate for Easter?  IDK..JS. LOL
(03-27-2018, 11:24 AM)RepublicOfTXPatriot Wrote:
(03-27-2018, 11:22 AM)rvpopeye Wrote: All that is just normal anxiety !!!
Older vehicles own you more than you own them I think.
Not a bad thing though .
It might like you.......
If I get it ..or no matter what I get there will be a life full of cussin' and bitchin' for sure between us.
Just like when I was married for 6 months.
Really ?
re "a life full of cussin' and bitchin' for sure between us" - do people really live like that ? Sad Thought that only happened in the movies, for what some call "entertainment value" Huh  - Another reason I rarely watch a movie outside of home.

Life is so much sweeter & better when we just Focus on the good... we each bring Heart to one another. Agreed ?
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(03-31-2018, 05:46 PM)RepublicOfTXPatriot Wrote: Well, after some more hunting for a shuttle bus I have the next candidate. I will have to finance it. But it seems to "Fit" me better. For the "low low" asking price of $14,960 it is a 2001 E350 Econoline Cutaway. It has the 7.3 liter diesel with 64,550 miles. Barely broke in IF that is the correct original miles. I will verify that through a title search when I get a response back from the Bus company in Houston, TX that has it listed. At least if it's in Houston I can get my father or someone to go check it out for me most likely. Here are some pics. Let me know if I should be putting the pictures on here larger or smaller. I'm using a laptop. Some of you may not be. Thank you for looking. Hunting.....
[Image: 4HJGGoFm.jpg][Image: rWpkxuBm.jpg]
[Image: 9yfkUPim.jpg][Image: ozpOQtUm.jpg]
[Image: qZWHZYRm.jpg][Image: OsYR3DNm.jpg]

WOW - How do you people Find all these gems ?? Cool  Great job David !

That would work perfect for my "GARDEN-Demo" plans too.
Except for those darkened windows. Gotta LET THE SUN SHINE IN..... Big Grin
(04-02-2018, 07:15 AM)Putts Wrote: I'm thinking take out the last row of seats, put in a bunk bed with a little kitchen underneith and call it good.
 Then, this winter at YARC camp, you can yell, "Field Trip!" or, "One hour 'til the laundry run!"  And we'll all pile in and go for a little outing.

LOL - there you go. Cool
(04-02-2018, 11:01 AM)weigh2ez Wrote: I like it a lot. White and a 7.3?  What more could you ask for?
Looks pretty darn Good. Big Grin about perfect ?
They say when you get older two things happen, one is you lose your memory and the other, I forget.

We have enough youth. How about a fountain of smart?

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