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Useful apps
I thought we needed an area to post apps that help us on the road.

Here are a few I use:

Campendium - helpful app to find places to camp

Public Lands - has nice overlays and maps

Trucker Path - where the truck stops are and is updated by truckers as to are the lots filled Not an app but I use it a lot

Sanidumps - for those of us who need to find dump stations

GasBuddy - has where you can get the cheapest gas near to you

Roadtrippers - has a lot of info on scenic routes and things to do along the way

Only in your state - neat facts and things to see and do by state

National Geographic Park Maps - nice

Gas Guru - cheapest gas finder

Roadside attractions - this one ya gotta pay a little for but it lists tons of funny and cheesy roadside attractions. Has an interactive map

Anyone care to add?
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I use network cell info lite to show me on a map what tower my phone is connected to and what direction to point my antenna.. It only works on android
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Good for a GPS and updates about issues on the road with loads of subscribers. Works in Ukraine as well!!
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The Technomadia folks have an app for finding cell coverage.


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You "might" need cell coverage to use it though !
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Here's a link to an article about an app called onX which is supposedly great for locating boondocking sites.
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US Public Lands (Apple) .99

AllStays (Apple) is now up to $9.99!

And I see Technomadia has a 3 app bundle for $8.99 (US Public Lands, Cell Phone Coverage and something that looks like a set of scales...)
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for those that use an antenna to receive TV broadcasts

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How 'bout one to keep tack of all the neat places people mention?
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