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My New RV.
and you hope that pool has water in it when ya dive in head first!
Not much new to report so far, I still have a decent amount of pain some days, and others not so bad.

I'm supposed to stay off my feet and keep the leg elevated as.much as possible to keep the swelling down.

I do therapy two days a week so far, and the rest of the
time is spent at home doing nothing right now.
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So sorry but things will start looking up. I just had a rod removed from my femur on Tuesday and am hanging out in bed mostly also. My knee replacement is in July. I know it’s a long recovery.
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You hang in there Shadow .
Cammie is the YARC expert on installing BTDT BBPs (Been There Done That Bionic Body Parts)
The best med advice I've learned from her posts is to stay out of a Piranah infested river if you have to pee after breaking your leg. ??? I know ,,,,guess you had to be there......
Stay Tuned

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