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Tilting solar
Upside down under the mattress.
Stay Tuned

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(03-14-2018, 12:59 PM)rvpopeye Wrote: Upside down under the mattress.

so,how did you break both of your panels?  welllll...
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    "Ted, Sorry buddy...not quite picturing what you mean by "solar wing""
I'd a gotten back to this sooner, but didn't get to my spot here in NM until sundown.

The "solar wing" is a panel on the drivers side bolted to the ladder rack by 3 stainless marine 8" hinges. It folds up with two Third Hand drywall holders.  And tied down with bungies and hammock straps tent-spiked into the ground.  But we've not had the need to extend it, just by positioning the van where it makes the most sense. It's locked into place with two locks and padeyes, so it doesn't move while driving.  The bottom of the panel is about 6'3" above the ground. 

It wouldn't work if it weren't a hightop.
(03-14-2018, 10:33 AM)Putts Wrote: and heavier per foot and not as strong as C-channel and box extrusions,

Why do you say that? C-channel is strong along one axis, weak along the other. Heavier means stronger too. 8020 should have more strength than an equal six aluminum tube.

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Renogy now has 300 watt panels. On a ProMaster 159 EXT it looks like I can put 1200 watts up there!

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(03-12-2018, 11:54 AM)Putts Wrote: I'll be using two 6"x2"x20' (!) extrusions front to back on either side of the roof and maybe one up the middle for support to bolt the cross members and panels to. I'm thinking of wirebrushing the roof down to bare metal and then using VHB tape for the whole shebang.  I used VHB on my current panels and will have a good inspection of them before removal to see if I continue to like the idea. It's a little scary, but that VHB tape---when you select the right one---is some wicked good stuff. Anybody got experience with VHB tape?


Renogy panels come with 4 aluminum angle brackets. I bolted those to the panels and VHB'd each panel bracket to the aluminum roof on my Box Van. With those brackets the panel frame sits about 3/4" off the roof surface. I used 4 pcs of 2" x 3" VHB dbl sided tape per panel. Roughed up my unpainted aluminum roof where the brackets would sit using a wire wheel and cleaned with denatured alcohol.

I didn't use eternabond or other sealer goo over the brackets and VHB. No holes so nothing is needed. Goin on 3 years with no problems and I really don't expect any.

I can't see why your idea won't work.

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