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Readjusting My Medications.
(03-11-2018, 03:29 PM)TrainChaser Wrote: I didn't know that the AMA's declaration that iodine was toxic was a big fat lie, and that a daily dose prevents thyroid cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer, and is suspected in the prevention and treatment of a lot of other conditions.  

The AMA apparently 'forgot' that iodine is required by every cell in the body.  But they DO authorize a lot of drugs that turn out to be dangerous.  Odd, huh?

Huh  I thought that was the reason we had iodized salt?


I don't like to make advance plans.  It causes the word PREMEDITATED get thrown around in the courtroom!
I'm NOT crazy!  My mother had me tested! Cool
They only put the bare minimum of iodine in it, just enough to deal with goiter.  But the iodine sublimes into the air while they're treating the salt.  It sublimes into the air in storage.  It sublimes into the air through the cardboard carton they put it in.  And it continues to sublime into the air for the two or three years it takes you to use it up.

And when they started putting it into the salt, they removed it from everything else (like breadstuffs), replacing it with bromide, which is bad for you.  

And then...... drumroll............. They told everyone that SALT was bad for you, so most people are on low-salt or no-salt diets.  Clever, eh?

Gunny, you have a heart problem... what did your doctor say about salt?

Ladies, if  you have breast lumps or fibroid tumors (etc), read the book Iodine : Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It by David Brownstein

Gentlemen, if  you have to get up five times a night to pee because of your prostate, read the book Iodine : Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It by David Brownstein
No cautions about salt. Atrial fibrillation is a bit of a different animal.

Dietician just told me to use in moderation. It’s like anything else, use extreme amounts and it’s bad for you.

Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More.

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