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Recommend video editing software
Adobe Premier, but it sure ain't free.

If you are a student or teacher, I think there are some discounts. 

In the past, I've used Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, and Openshot...they all work but have differences in ease of use and features, as you would expect. 

I used to see occasional crashes using WMM and Openshot...THAT will make you pull your hair out if you have spent a few hours on something and it all goes down the pipes when you try to render it. 

VERY frustrating.
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  • AbuelaLoca (03-12-2018)
Blackmagic has a video editor and it was what I used when we started the Russia project. The original version was free and you should be able to find a copy online. Now they added a ton of stuff and full-on sound editing studio set of controls so it costs money. The learning curve is steep but it is likely to become the industry standard as Pro's are not hopping back on Mac Final Cut wagon and Adobe has there cloud thing going on which few industrial pros are happy with.
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  • AbuelaLoca (03-12-2018)
Oh yeah... That cloud crap costs too!
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(03-11-2018, 03:34 AM)tx2sturgis Wrote: THAT will make you pull your hair out if you have spent a few hours on something and it all goes down the pipes when you try to render it. 

VERY frustrating.

Maybe that's why I'm bald!  I think I was before that happened (crash and loss of hours of work), but my memory being what it is, it's possible I had a full head of hair before that.
So, Windows Movie Maker (no longer supported by MS) has issues with Sony Images/Movies. Old camera software and newer OS. Works with Win 8-32 bit not with my Win 8.1-64 bit. Might get it to work today but any one of the constant MS updates may very well kill some functions tomorrow. ~~~~~

I've moved on to Playmemories Home ( free Sony program but also discontinued). This one does work with my current Laptop/Win 8.1 64-bit as long as I use their latest update from a couple years ago and my camera. I still might run into the same issues mentioned above, I think it's worth a try and It's user intuitive...... too!
sx2, as I understand it, to decrease the rendering time of edited videos it's "recommended" I have a really fast CPU, video card and 8+ Ram  at a minimum.
Also, If possible, keep the number of tracks low, both audio and video. The software and end users say;

"Using multi-cam edits with titles, color correction, photo montages, transitions and effects will add hours to the rendering process. Don't render at 60fps, record at and use 30fps. Use default pixel format unless your experienced enough and know what you are doing".

I'll record at 720p making one - 10 minute movie on the camera Memory card. Then pull the card and plug it into the laptop for editing. Then delete the card data and reinsert in camera to record the next movie.

The dbl sided DVD-RW mini disc's that can be used with this old handycam are a pain to process. I'm not going to bother with this obsolete media.  

Haven't looked at Blackmagic yet.

(03-12-2018, 12:59 AM)AbuelaLoca Wrote: Oh yeah... That cloud crap costs too!

I've learned my lesson with Photobukt. Whats free today ain't ever gonna be tomorrow. 

(Side Q. What's up with the travel insurance ?)


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