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BLM land map AZ
Interactive map with layers that shows public lands in AZ
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I cannot get that “interactive” map to interact with me.   It says to click the appropriate icon from the table..yet there is no clickable item shown........


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Right under “Start map server” there is a little dodad that looks like a wheelchair or something. Click on that

It’s not a chair. I stretched my screen and it’s a hand
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Govt-provided info like this tends to be rather goofy & tricky to use, because they think everyone is an 18-yo computer geek like them.  I had to click on practically everything before I hit that little doodad (practically by accident).  

You can hold and drag the mouse to get to the area you want.

In the upper right corner are a row of 6 boxes, each with an unidentified symbol, that you can only find out what they mean when you click on them.  In order:  
Measurement tool (area/distance/location),
Location tool,
Layer tool (who owns the parcels of land),
Imagery tool (for types of maps),
State Trust parcels, &

If you use the layering tool on Quartzsite, different blocks of color show up; click on the color patch to see what it is.
Yellow is BLM land,
Green are National Forests,
Lavender are National Recreation Areas, National Monuments, etc.
Gray-Green are National Wildlife Refuges,
Pink are City/County Parks & Recreation,
Orange are Indian Reservations,
Medium Blue are State Trust lands,
Red-Pink are Military Grounds,
Brown is Bureau of Reclamation.
Light blue is private land.
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