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We need this here!
Crap!! I'm an author and lawyer and dead many times over. Hmmm wonder which one of my lives I'm on? LOL Somebody double tap me when its time for this one of me to die. LOL
Try having the last name being a musical instrument, I don't show up until many tens of pages, then only hints.
Well my last name is Owen....No "s" ...Was called "Sausage" a in "OwenS Country Sausage Brand"
Under my old name I’m the only one

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so i tried my full name and nothing,might be able to find my phone number if you dig

but did find this
kinda setting the bar high,makes me feel honored to share his name and that i need to pick up the pace
Change the forum theme-bottom right
yarc stickers
yarc stickers pirate edition
(03-01-2018, 06:38 AM)Scott7022 Wrote: I fill most of the first page of Google so I am far from invisible. But those that truly "Know" me know that the pages of Google are just bits of me. If you want to sell books you have to be searchable.
I prefer anonymity but a guy has to eat yes?
What books have you written published?

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